Cultural Jihad Alive and Well–In Congress

Cultural Jihad is alive and well in America. With the elections of anti-Israel congress members like Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar of Minnesota, and former Rep Keith Ellison of Minnesota, there is little doubt about the direction congress is heading. It portrays a dangerous trend in America of growing anti-Israel sentiments in … Continue reading Cultural Jihad Alive and Well–In Congress

Serious Trouble for America

The "government shutdown" is being used to draw the public's attention away from what liberal Democrats are trying to do to this country. They want us to believe there is no crisis, humanitarian or security, at the southern border, and they will use it to further their agenda of destroying President Trump. The Democrats are … Continue reading Serious Trouble for America

Border Wars

The conflict continues concerning our southern border, but the biggest conflict is yet to be decided:  The battle between the Left and President Trump. The best tweet the President did was "The wall is Medieval?  So is the wheel, and THEY BOTH STILL WORK!" The liberal media continues to aid the left in thwarting what … Continue reading Border Wars

Dems Love of Open Borders and Why

This is a transcript of Tucker Carlson video on "I recently watched a group of protestors, most of them young, denouncing President Trumps' immigration policy.  They were waving Mexican flags and shouting "Si, se puede!" "yes, we can”. This is now the rallying cry of the open borders Left. But it wasn't always. In … Continue reading Dems Love of Open Borders and Why

Do NOT Trust Mainstream Media

There was an avalanche of blame-and-shame throwing by the media, from the Rolling Stone mag to the Times to the Washington Post to (of course) CNN when little 7-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquin died last week. Brent Bozell, President of CNS news, relates the facts and the spin by major media: "The child was traveling with … Continue reading Do NOT Trust Mainstream Media