Creating Abomination

There is EVIL among us.   It is becoming more prevalent in our Congress, in our leadership, in our schools, and even in our churches.  People are being deceived thanks to the main-stream media refusing to report truth and facts.  People have been dying because of lies and misinformation purposely disseminated over the last 15 months. … Continue reading Creating Abomination

Vaccine Fact

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is a network of over fifty Associate Scholars from a variety of disciplines.  CLI provides pro-life groups and policy makers research-based information of the highest quality on issues including abortion, women’s health, prenatal diagnosis and treatment for the unborn, perinatal hospice, abortion reporting, sex-selection abortion, stem cell research and medicine, and … Continue reading Vaccine Fact

Exposing Liberal Media Lies The Media Are Implying Border Detention Killed Another Migrant Child - But Here's What Really Happened by Brittany M. Hughes Using the same tired tactics of social media click-bait and misleading headlines, the media are now suggesting that once again a young migrant child has died after being detained at the U.S. border, using deceptive language … Continue reading Exposing Liberal Media Lies


The Democrats and liberals are coming unglued by Alabama's abortion law.  Several states, including Missouri, have passed or are about to pass more stringent abortion laws as well.  Missouri's law banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected is going to the governor, who says he will sign it. Associate Justice Harry Blackmun wrote the majority … Continue reading Personhood

AOC: Oppression and the Green New Deal

(NOTE: Please remember I currently have no control over the ads that are placed in or at the bottom of my blog entries. ) ************************************* Sean Hannity talks about how scary it is for the Dems to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal: "Like any good socialist, Ocasio-Cortez loves the oppressive hand of … Continue reading AOC: Oppression and the Green New Deal

We Do, or We Don’t

Gary Bauer of American Values said after the SOTU address by President Trump: "Either we respect the sanctity of life or we do not. Either we secure the border or we do not. Either we remain a nation committed to free markets and individual liberty or we do not. Either we cherish our history and … Continue reading We Do, or We Don’t