Coming Soon to America?

The left-wing media (which includes just about the entire industry) is the biggest propaganda machine the socialist-minded government has in any country. Any one who disagrees with them is tagged as not just naysayers, but conspiracy theorists, enemies of the state, and revolutionaries who are intent on overthrowing the government.

I have said we do not need to overthrow the government, but we do need to reform the government, but certainly not in the way the left is trying to do. Socialism might be the least “dangerous” form of government in that it doesn’t start out slaughtering thousands of citizens, but instead simply controls things that allow citizens to die, either “naturally,” starve to death, or by mob action. The idea of “distributing the wealth” is pure socialism, and only seeks to further the idea of taking away from the rich and giving to the poor, until there are no rich people left from which to confiscate and steal, and everyone becomes poor. Social standing is for the elite who are in control.

And that turns to communism as the elites war among themselves over control of the “party.” Then the murder / genocide starts, and people suddenly disappear or are simply murdered for “crimes against the party.”

But there is even more going on in the world today. Canada, for instance, has approved euthanasia and made it into law in 2016. Now, they want to include children who want to commit suicide – but without their parents consent!!

The Canadian government wants to help a child commit suicide regardless of the parent’s wishes – and without notification of the parents.

in 2016, the year “assisted suicide” became legal, the number of MAiD [medical assistance in dying] deaths was 1,018. Five years later, the 2021 data showed that number at 10,064. This is a rounded 889% increase. (This datum hails from a government report on the program, which can be accessed here.) But there was also something else that stood out about the 2021 tally, entirely unsettling: it was the first year that MAiD executioners were legally permitted to kill those whose death was not likely to occur in the “foreseeable” future.

A Canadian Parliamentary committee is recommending lawmakers legalize euthanasia for sick and disabled children or those in Canada’s child welfare system. They think those whose deaths are what they consider “reasonably foreseeable” should be able to end their own lives.

Even more horrific is the fact they want children to make the decision without parental consent and …..that the will of a minor who is found to have the requisite decision-making capacity ultimately take priority.

So if the parents are not allowed to make the decision, who, then, decides the minor has “requisite decision-making capacity” to make the decision?? The Government???

One way or the other, society seems bent on sacrificing our children, either by abortion or assisted suicide. This isn’t counting the kids who fall through the cracks and become trafficked for sex and child labor, the homeless, and those trapped in the “system” that is suppose to care for them.

Olivia Murray, writing in The American Thinker, says “Undoubtedly, we find ourselves afflicted by governments operating in their worst state, evidenced by the resolute push toward genocide, due in no small part to leftists and their psychopathic ideas. Without fail, the medical establishments of the Western world welcome in leftism, which ushers in eugenics and eventually state-sponsored murder.”  Murray predicts in five years euthanasia will be allowed in America.

As we reform our government, perhaps we should also reform the medical industry, and move it way from the money-making motive that seems to be driving it today, away from the influences of big pharmaceutical companies, and back to where the patient’s well-being is the main goal, and preserving life is more important than what a warped society dictates.

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