The Real Parasite

It's bad enough that Americans who "look Asian" are being attacked, Jews are being attacked, blacks are being attacked, but now the primary target has become white people.  The fact is, we're all targets of the Critical Race Theory, as well as Critical Social Justice. These two ideologies have all the pillars of the Communist … Continue reading The Real Parasite

Creating Abomination

There is EVIL among us.   It is becoming more prevalent in our Congress, in our leadership, in our schools, and even in our churches.  People are being deceived thanks to the main-stream media refusing to report truth and facts.  People have been dying because of lies and misinformation purposely disseminated over the last 15 months. … Continue reading Creating Abomination

Words and Meaning

"A hermeneutic that enables you to affirm women as pastors is a hermeneutic that will enable you to get most anywhere else you want to go with Scripture."  - Jason Allen, President, Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary He's right.  And it's happening in churches and denominations across  America.  Words are being re-defined so they can be … Continue reading Words and Meaning


I had to share this devotion from Worthy Brief: Proverbs 11:3 The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them. This particular devotion was sent in from some friends of the ministry in Nigeria -- please take the time to read this powerful message. An aging king woke … Continue reading Integrity