Time to Hold Drug Companies Accountable

If you have noticed, advertisements for "new" drugs on TV usually end with a long list of adverse side effects that are possible.  Many times the drug sounds more dangerous than the medical condition it's supposed to treat! But pharmaceutical companies are protected by law many times when it comes down to a drug harming … Continue reading Time to Hold Drug Companies Accountable

What’s Next?

Consider the following: The Democrats and their Deep State and media allies were willing to illegally spy on Donald Trump. The Democrats used false information to charge the president with treason for colluding with Russia.  Later they added a phone call they didn't like to enforce their charges. The Democrats perverted and corrupted the most … Continue reading What’s Next?

Freedom with Danger

The COVID-19 virus is suddenly becoming less of a worry to many people. Those people are becoming more worried about the Constitutional abuses of power showing up all over the country. Church goers being fined $500 for attending a drive-in service. A judge in Michigan decreeing that anyone can be arrested and jailed for suspected … Continue reading Freedom with Danger

Repost: Socialism: Easy – and Deadly

With the rise of the Socialist Candidate Bernie Sanders (you can drop "democrat") in popularity, especially among young voters, it compels us to recognize and and decry the idea of Socialism.  All people are hearing is "free, free, free" without realizing NOTHING is really free-- SOMEONE has to pay for it, and it WON'T be … Continue reading Repost: Socialism: Easy – and Deadly