America’s Judgment

Most of our government has gone completely rogue and taken a large part of the medical industry with it, but this study out of Denmark, I believe, blows the entire thing out of the water, and exposes the true nature of the vaccines. God help us. I remember when they started giving the vaccines someone … Continue reading America’s Judgment

Creating Abomination

There is EVIL among us.   It is becoming more prevalent in our Congress, in our leadership, in our schools, and even in our churches.  People are being deceived thanks to the main-stream media refusing to report truth and facts.  People have been dying because of lies and misinformation purposely disseminated over the last 15 months. … Continue reading Creating Abomination

Holding Grudges

The Liberals and Democrats (birds of a feather) got what they wanted.  It amounted to nothing less than a kangaroo court.  A party-controlled process they called "impeachment" but which is in reality an attempted coup of the American government and an affront on the American People. And it's not over yet. For  three years the … Continue reading Holding Grudges

No Convention Needed (re-post)

Some members of Congress are crowing that the Electoral College needs to be abolished, annulled, disbanded, whatever you want to call it, they want it gone.  One of the ways that could be accomplished would be to have an Article V Convention. I wrote this post in Feb, 2017.  I think it is worth re-posting. … Continue reading No Convention Needed (re-post)

Questions, but No Answers

Special Counsels must be approved by the Senate.  Period.  Mueller was not; he was appointed by deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He was never approved by the Senate. "I can't get into 'internal deliberations' in regards to what would or would not be." This is Robert Mueller's version of pleading the Fifth.  He used … Continue reading Questions, but No Answers


The Democrats and liberals are coming unglued by Alabama's abortion law.  Several states, including Missouri, have passed or are about to pass more stringent abortion laws as well.  Missouri's law banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected is going to the governor, who says he will sign it. Associate Justice Harry Blackmun wrote the majority … Continue reading Personhood

How Many Warnings Do We Need?

From American Values newsletter: Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea, who currently leads the Vatican's liturgy office, is issuing a clarion call to the West and staking out positions at odds with Pope Francis, especially on the issue of mass migration.  Consider this excerpt from a recent interview with Cardinal Sarah: "I am convinced that western … Continue reading How Many Warnings Do We Need?

Green Deal=Bad Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still pushing -- and making it up as she goes, it seems -- her "green deal" which she says will transform America. Indeed it will. It's reminiscence of Obama's promise to "transform America" and his leading transformation tool was Health care... sort of.  Besides gutting the military and trashing the FBI and … Continue reading Green Deal=Bad Deal

NO COLLUSION (or anything else)

The Mueller probe was unconstitutional from the get-go.  Mueller was appointed by then Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein, and not by the President nor confirmed by the Senate as required by Article II.  Some site case law of SCOTUS as allowing it, but it is STILL unconstitutional, and every indictment and arrest should be thrown out.  … Continue reading NO COLLUSION (or anything else)