Repost: Socialism: Easy – and Deadly

With the rise of the Socialist Candidate Bernie Sanders (you can drop "democrat") in popularity, especially among young voters, it compels us to recognize and and decry the idea of Socialism.  All people are hearing is "free, free, free" without realizing NOTHING is really free-- SOMEONE has to pay for it, and it WON'T be … Continue reading Repost: Socialism: Easy – and Deadly


One of my daily devotions - the Worthy Brief --  said this: "....the real issues America faces [cannot be] remedied by politics. Political realities simply reflect the internal moral and cultural climate of a nation and its people. In their drive for power, most politicians are simply responding to or manipulating the current passions of … Continue reading Restoration

Still President

There's a lot of premature celebrating going on among liberals because they wrongly believe Trump has been voted out of office.  The twitter-sphere was alive with the likes of Alyssa Milano and others crowing their goodbyes to the President. They are woefully uneducated in Constitutional procedure. Had they been paying attention in their high school … Continue reading Still President

Holding Grudges

The Liberals and Democrats (birds of a feather) got what they wanted.  It amounted to nothing less than a kangaroo court.  A party-controlled process they called "impeachment" but which is in reality an attempted coup of the American government and an affront on the American People. And it's not over yet. For  three years the … Continue reading Holding Grudges

Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

The article is here.  You can listen to the podcast on American Family Radio.  The head line is "Google Creating a 'god-like' Artificial Intelligence." Below is an excerpt: "They're trying to create a control grid that captures all the information – video, audio – wherever you're at, streams it back to a centralized data repository, … Continue reading Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

Gossip Columns and Tabloids, Con’d

Anyone with a little bit of common sense and a conservative bent knows the American Main Stream Media spend more time on Trump bashing than reporting the news. They refuse to report the good things that President Trump has accomplished in the last 3 years; economy is booming, unemployment is at historical lows across the … Continue reading Gossip Columns and Tabloids, Con’d

Gossip Columns and Tabloids

First they said the "whistleblower" that had "information" about President Trumps phone conversation with the president of Ukraine was not actually present during the call, but rather he was told by another person what transpired in the call. So, President Trump declassified the transcript-- which is never verbatim -- so the whole world could see … Continue reading Gossip Columns and Tabloids

From Whence Comes Our Freedom?

Not surprisingly, Speaker Pelosi is now defending Rep Adam Schiff's parody transcript -- which he himself said was made up -- as the truth about what was said on the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. Pelosi said “It's sad that he's (Schiff) using the president's own words. He didn't make it … Continue reading From Whence Comes Our Freedom?