Despicable Silence Mainstream Media Outlets Shamefully Silent on Horrific Murder of Five-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant - Daily Citizen 3 minutes Cannon Hinnant was a friendly five-year-old who loved to play with the neighborhood Chihuahua, Nick. That is until 25-year-old Darius Sessoms allegedly shot him in the back of the head at point-blank range while he played outside … Continue reading Despicable Silence

Holding Grudges

The Liberals and Democrats (birds of a feather) got what they wanted.  It amounted to nothing less than a kangaroo court.  A party-controlled process they called "impeachment" but which is in reality an attempted coup of the American government and an affront on the American People. And it's not over yet. For  three years the … Continue reading Holding Grudges

Gossip Columns and Tabloids, Con’d

Anyone with a little bit of common sense and a conservative bent knows the American Main Stream Media spend more time on Trump bashing than reporting the news. They refuse to report the good things that President Trump has accomplished in the last 3 years; economy is booming, unemployment is at historical lows across the … Continue reading Gossip Columns and Tabloids, Con’d

Gossip Columns and Tabloids

First they said the "whistleblower" that had "information" about President Trumps phone conversation with the president of Ukraine was not actually present during the call, but rather he was told by another person what transpired in the call. So, President Trump declassified the transcript-- which is never verbatim -- so the whole world could see … Continue reading Gossip Columns and Tabloids


Speaker Pelosi's "announcement of impeachment proceedings" has opened the door to yet more embarrassment of the Democratic party. As was the "Russian Collusion" investigation, the base for this new attack on our President is completely fake. The so-called whistle-blower was not in any way privy to the phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President … Continue reading Ukraine

Newsom’s Folly

California has just passed a law that endangers every law enforcement officer in the state. Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law Monday and said it will “change the culture of policing.” The main change is the word “reasonable” to “necessary.” Supposedly the driving event behind the passage of this law was the justifiable … Continue reading Newsom’s Folly

The New Nationalism?

Tony Perkins' The Washington Update has an article that should be very troubling to Christians across America. It talks about "Christian nationalism." Most disturbing is the fact that it comes from a group of left-leaning church leaders! They claim this new type of nationalism is a  "persistent threat to both our religious communities and our … Continue reading The New Nationalism?