Inflated Data

I’m not a doctor, nurse, EMT, CNA, scientist, medical professional, etc., etc.  (little disclaimer here) BUT I do believe COVID is very serious, especially for those of us who have those health issues called “comorbidities.”  (Even the term sounds ominous.)

Some of us have little doubt if we catch COVID, we’re probably goners.

I don’t mean to be flippant about it, but hey, ‘my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.’  Nope, I don’t want to die.  I would really, really like to see my first great-grandchild.   I take the precautions (read ‘I don’t go out much’) and like for many, many Americans (indeed world-wide) it has been a LONG year.

Now all the news channels are all reporting there are 500,000 deaths from Covid in America.

I have some doubts.

I have several articles about doctors pushing back on the March, 2020 CDC change of rules for reporting Covid deaths.  And to add to this mess, the feds started paying stipends to hospitals for each Covid patient they admitted.

The study pointed out that on March 24, the CDC published an alert instructing medical examiners, coroners and physicians to de-emphasize underlying causes of death, also known as preexisting conditions or comorbidities.

COVID-19 was to be listed in Part I of death certificates as a definitive cause of death, regardless of confirmatory evidence, rather than in Part II as a contributor to death in the presence of preexisting conditions.

On its website, the CDC says, just 6% of the people counted as COVID-19 deaths died of COVID-19 alone.

The researchers estimated the COVID-19 recorded fatalities “are inflated nationwide by as much as 1600% above what they would be had the CDC used the 2003 handbooks,” said All Concerned Citizens.

(That’s not a typo; it says sixteen HUNDRED percent.)

According to the paper sited, the CDC was in violation of federal law more than once.

–The CDC did not submit a proposal to the Federal Register for public consideration and comment regarding their desire to adopt these unnecessary changes.

–The CDC did not submit a proposal to the Federal Register for public consideration and comment regarding their desire to forgo existing rules for infectious disease data collection that has been in use, without incident, for at least 17 years.

the CDC violated the clear intent of Congress with respect to rule making and data collection, failed to create a record of their decision making, engaged in ex parte communications with CSTE personnel, and disenfranchised the public from meaningful participation in the decision making process. This compromised the accuracy and integrity of the data collected.

The CDC has yet to publish its own unique Information Quality Statement as mandated by the IQA and OMB Guidelines.  The referenced CDC webpage for Information Quality is also filled with ”404–PageError” links, which places them further out of compliance with the OMB/OIRA.

(NOTE: Some links seem to have been ‘fixed’ but  the OMB Information Quality Guidelines does not work at the time of this writing.)

The problem is, no one is listening.  The main stream media has completely misinformed and lied to the American Public and now censor any and all reports that don’t fit the narrative of the left.  And now that includes the office of the President and his administration, and the ‘swamp’ is alive and well.

It’s hard telling how long these kinds of reports will be available to the public, or if the watch-dog-type organizations will even be able to make them, online or otherwise.  It’s becoming very common to hear of people and organizations being censored and de-platformed and shut down.  Even the Hollywood psychopaths film makers and directors and actors are cancelling each other.

I believe we are much better off reading Scripture more than the newspaper.  I think we should stay informed, but neither do we need to scurry about seeking the last bit of information available on any given topic, especially political issues.  (Admittedly, I do that sometimes.)

Those are always going to be with us, but praise God, His Word and Mercy and Love will outlast it all and we need to be diligent in preventing anything from distracting us from Him.