Freedom with Danger

The COVID-19 virus is suddenly becoming less of a worry to many people. Those people are becoming more worried about the Constitutional abuses of power showing up all over the country. Church goers being fined $500 for attending a drive-in service. A judge in Michigan decreeing that anyone can be arrested and jailed for suspected … Continue reading Freedom with Danger

Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

The article is here.  You can listen to the podcast on American Family Radio.  The head line is "Google Creating a 'god-like' Artificial Intelligence." Below is an excerpt: "They're trying to create a control grid that captures all the information – video, audio – wherever you're at, streams it back to a centralized data repository, … Continue reading Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

The Past

If you're among the politically correct minions, you probably believe that people's past should NEVER be forgotten – and certainly not forgiven, and people NEVER change, no matter what. The recent news that Harvard, that prestigious, elite institution of higher education, has rescinded Kyle Kashuv's acceptance because of comments he made as a 16-year-old student … Continue reading The Past

Afraid or Dangerous?

Okay.  Time to face my paranoia: I see things like that new site, I'm hesitant to join because it lumps all people of like beliefs and mindsets into one place -- or database.  Easy pickings for those who would use such lists for nefarious purposes.  I'm hesitant to subscribe to sites even when offered … Continue reading Afraid or Dangerous?

Report–Web Control is Possible Report Urges Google to Abandon Free Speech and Be 'The Good Censor’ Corinne Weaver is a staff writer for MRC TechWatch 3-4 minutes Is the world’s largest search engine really free? And, if not, are its users? An 85-page document leaked to Breitbart argued that in order to prevent certain political events, tech companies … Continue reading Report–Web Control is Possible