Parler Vous?

Parler (Fr., par-lay meaning ‘speak’) is a new social media free speech app the founders of which thought would be free from censorship running rampant in other platforms, and was about to be released in the App Store.

However, Apple informed the CEO of Parler John Matze if “offensive content” was not removed from the app, they would not allow the app in the App Store.  By “offensive content” they mean conservative content.

In an article on Western Journal Conservative Tribune Shaun Hair reports:

The left doesn’t want to disagree with conservatives. They want to silence and eliminate them.

The left that claims to love free speech and diversity is the same left who is busy censoring conservative Google results.

And blocking conservatives from Google news.

And shadow-banning political opponents’ tweets.

And demolishing the reach of conservatives on Facebook pages.

And removing conservatives from Google-recommended sources.

And removing conservative content from Apple News.

And removing pro-life, conservative content from Pinterest after calling it porn.

And then removing the video proof that they did it.

And creating “community standards” and policies built to lessen diversity and free speech and give establishment media outlets a huge advantage in the “unfree market” of big technology.

And admitting they penalize content that didn’t meet Google’s rules.

And making Google News results one-sided with an unrepresentative amount of left-leaning outlets supplying the news.


And now Google was allegedly caught by Project Veritas making plans to prevent “the next Trump situation.”

But that video on Youtube — which is owned by Google — has been removed under “privacy complaints” from a third party.  Earlier this week, Project Veritas caught Jen Gennai, head of Responsible Innovation at Google, admitting that Google is training the Google algorithm to make sure President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election.  It seems Google is only “responsible” to itself.  But you begin to understand how Google believes in the influence it has over just about everything and everyone, even to the point of swaying a presidential election!

To John Matze’s credit, he said no deal to Apple’s demands.

At least one tech CEO seems to have some scruples and truly responsible innovation.


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  1. A national revival (preferred solution} or an EMF bomb that destroys digital technology indefinitely is all that can save our nation.   Christians really need to work on that revival. 

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