Same Old Song

It is no coincidence that suddenly another sexual assault accusation has popped up on the Media headlines. It’s the same old song the Left always plays, they just use new “singers” to fool us into thinking the it’s legitimate. And in the Lefts’ thinking, any and all accusations are true. Guilty unless proven innocent.

E. Jean Carroll, a journalist for Elle Magazine, has come up with an accusation of rape against Donald Trump that occurred either in 1995 or 1996 or “the late 1990s”.

And by the way, she just wrote a book that has just hit the market. And President Trump last week announced his candidacy for President.

Coincidence?  Not in any way, shape, or form.

Carroll said she isn’t going to press charges though, because it would be “disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who are being raped around the clock down there without any protection.”

What? Okay, raped by whom? Donald Trump? Obviously not. Border Guards? Very improbable. Other illegal aliens or human traffickers? Most likely.  How does she think she is helping other women by NOT reporting a serious sexual assault when it occurred?

Why didn’t she file charges against Trump back then? She even claims she still has the dress she was wearing when the alleged assault occurred and, she says, has never laundered it.

I’m sorry, but that’s just too convenient a fact. I wonder if DNA lasts 20 plus years in an uncontrolled environment like a closet or drawer? Next she’ll be telling us she has kept it in a zip-lock bag.

I am certainly not making light of the crime of rape. It’s the most despicable, ugly, crime ever committed against humanity. One of the greatest travesties of justice is when a woman is not taken seriously about being raped. The emotional damage to a woman is unfathomable. Every woman deserves help and respect in such a situation, and it is imperative the investigation is done thoroughly and completely.

If it actually happened.

They sang the song with Brett Kavanaugh. They sang the song with Clarence Thomas. They sang the song with Herman Cain. They sang the song with Roy Moore. It’s number one on the Lefts’ top ten list.

Carroll is the 16th woman to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.

You might say where there’s smoke, there’s flame. Maybe so, unless someone is intentionally setting fires.

The theatrics and false accusations never end from the Left. AOC tweeted out some photos of her visiting the border (hard to tell where she is). The staging is so obvious it’s laughable.

Last week pictures hit social media of children wrapped in aluminum emergency blankets supposedly showing the deplorable conditions in which the Trump Administration is forcing immigrant children to endure. The pictures were from 2015 when the Obama Administration was still in control.

Now, Rep Karen Bass (D-CA.) is accusing Trump for “torturing children” on the border in order to force a deal from the Dems on his border control policies. Apparently she believes everything she sees on Twitter.

The interesting thing, and the most hypocritical, is that these and other Dems always vote to block any type of funding for the Border Patrol or any funding concerning border policies– including money to improve living quarters and conditions and care for immigrant children.

They say they want to put out the fire, but they won’t provide any water. And for 8 years, these “conditions” were ignored by the Obama Administration. On Face the Nation Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence claimed the conditions in U.S. detention centers were a result of congressional Democrats’ unwillingness to compromise on funding and border security.

“They continue to delay efforts on additional humanitarian support,” Pence explained. “It could happen in 15 minutes if Democrats in Congress simply step up and agree to close the loopholes that we know human traffickers are using to exploit vulnerable families.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome prevents people from acknowledging the success the President has done in turning this nation around. They ignore the historical drop in unemployment across the board, the upsurge in the economy, and diplomatic policy changes that have put America back on track to remain the world leader for freedom.

But the Left continues to sing their siren song(s) that may have a catchy title and a nice melody, but are full of lies and deception, intended to enchant people and lead them astray, even to destruction.