I Know You’re Out There

I'm talking to you, Conservative Democrats. I'm talking to you who still call yourself Democrat, but don't agree with the entire platform of the DNC, because you also call yourself Christian.  You still believe in God, Family, and Country-- in that order.  You believe in investing your life and your faith in all three.  You … Continue reading I Know You’re Out There

Tweety Birds

A special education instructor has resigned her position in Rosemount, MN. after tweeting "So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?"  She made the tweet on Saturday, after which several people captured the tweet and reported it to the FBI.   The instructor resigned Tuesday.  The instructor was not named by the Rosemount … Continue reading Tweety Birds

Are We Willing?

The Antifa group called Smash Racism DC, drove Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a D.C. restaurant. Afterward, the group posted their “victory” on Twitter and Facebook, even though those posts directly violated the terms of service of both platforms. Yet they have been ignored by the social media police who obviously have a … Continue reading Are We Willing?