I Know You’re Out There

I’m talking to you, Conservative Democrats.

I’m talking to you who still call yourself Democrat, but don’t agree with the entire platform of the DNC, because you also call yourself Christian.  You still believe in God, Family, and Country– in that order.  You believe in investing your life and your faith in all three.  You believe in Honor, Virtue, and Duty, and doing what’s Right.

I know you’re out there.

Mark Salvas in Allegheny County, PA. was serving as the Executive Director for the Allegheny County Democratic Party, but was asked to resign because of two social media posts he made, one over a year ago.

Salvas is a Marine Veteran of the Gulf War.  He knows about service and sacrifice.

He made a Facebook post about a year ago with a picture of him and his wife with the caption “I stand for the flag, I kneel for the cross.”

The second post, more recent, was made by his wife in support of Officer Michael Rosfeld, a new police officer on the East Pittsburg PD, who is accused of killing Antwon Rose II.

Salvas says he has known Rosfeld since the officer was three years old, and that he considers him “family”:

Officer Rosfeld, Michael Rosfeld, is as close to me and my family as anyone could be. I have known that young man since he was literally 3-years-old. They are family to us.”

Salvas says, like the Rose family, the Rosfeld family is struggling with the tragedy.

“They have been there for us in hard times, and my wife and I felt it was necessary to be there for them because family backs family,” he said.

“We have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment or racism of any kind,” state Democratic Committee Chairwoman Nancy Mills told the Tribune newspaper. “I think [local] Chairwoman (Eileen) Kelly made the right decision once she was aware of the issues.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Ed Gainey told CBS 2 Pittsburgh that Salvas’ post was insensitive to African-American Democrats.  Really?  Salvas has a bi-racial child, and has African-American family members, whom I’m sure have seen the post, but so far none of them have complained about it.  Gainey said  African-Americans “have backed the Democratic Party for quite a long time.”

I know some who don’t.  Two visitors to the White house last week are proof of that.  Just two, you say? I’m confident there are many, many more, and more every day who are rejecting the phony concern the liberal Democrats are showing all Americans.  They’re starting to see through the liberal Dems crocodile tears and empty promises.

Yet Mark Salvas believes the Democratic Party is a “big tent” party with room for all beliefs and opinions and views.

I want to believe that, too, but unless there are many more like the Salvas’ who will stand their ground in the face of being ostracized by their own party, it may not happen soon.

Obviously that change must come from within the party.  But let me encourage you Conservative Democrats:  If you find the DNC unwilling to change, The Republican Party would welcome your patriotism, your common sense, and your Christian beliefs with open arms.  Bring your sense of Honor, Virtue, and Duty.  Bring your family.

Like the Marines, we could use a few good men– and women.

Remember, we’re all in this together.