7 Days

(The theme from Jaws should be playing) As midterm elections rapidly grows near, so increases the rabidly deranged, mentally challenged, clueless, mindless behavior of liberals, liberal Democrats, Antifa, snowflakes, "liberated" women, LGBTQ, and a host of other movements. And don't forget Hollywood.  Actors and Actresses who have been pretending to be someone else for so … Continue reading 7 Days

The Angry Man (A.K.A. The Angry American)

(I was sent this in an email; I don't know the author, but I'm going to try to find out who did write it.  I added AKA The Angry American.) For all the interest-group pandering that shapes modern American politics, the group that may well (decide the mid-term elections in November) might come down to … Continue reading The Angry Man (A.K.A. The Angry American)

I Know You’re Out There

I'm talking to you, Conservative Democrats. I'm talking to you who still call yourself Democrat, but don't agree with the entire platform of the DNC, because you also call yourself Christian.  You still believe in God, Family, and Country-- in that order.  You believe in investing your life and your faith in all three.  You … Continue reading I Know You’re Out There