7 Days

(The theme from Jaws should be playing)

As midterm elections rapidly grows near, so increases the rabidly deranged, mentally challenged, clueless, mindless behavior of liberals, liberal Democrats, Antifa, snowflakes, “liberated” women, LGBTQ, and a host of other movements.

And don’t forget Hollywood.  Actors and Actresses who have been pretending to be someone else for so long they believe they can do and say whatever they want while taking millions of dollars to the bank and millions of people to the edge of socialism and anarchy.  But they don’t care.  They just want more spotlight–and more money.  (I’m still waiting for all those to leave the country who said they would leave if Trump won the election in 2016.)

The liberal media is in full propaganda mode, using most of their airtime to bash President Trump, his cabinet, Republicans, conservatives,  Christians, and people who can actually think for themselves.  It took the media — and several members of Congress– about 30 seconds to blame the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting on the President.    The guy pulling the trigger did it, but it is “the President’s fault.”

While several Democratic senators crow about Trump’s “divisiveness” and “violent rhetoric” causing people to commit violent acts, they refuse to remember the statements by Rep. Maxine Waters (“confront them”)  and Senator Nancy Polosi (“collateral damage” and “Trump sowing seeds of discord and hate“)

So lets see, President Trump is to blame for madmen shooting other people, climate change –specifically hurricanes, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, and however much snow does or does not fall this winter– the caravan, terrorism, and somehow lowering taxes and people making more money and creating more jobs than the last two presidents is a bad thing.  He’s probably also to blame for the flat tire you had, the cup of coffee you spilled on the way to work, the reason your wife or husband is mad at you, why your kids don’t want to go to school today, why your dog got run over by a car, and the lawn needs mowing.  Oh, and the garbage needs taking out.

Are you seeing the complete lack of reasoning?

BUT, I have no doubt they will do anything they can to turn the tide of the election, legal or illegal.  With the help of the Mainstream Media daily hammering the public with half-truths and misinformation they will attempt to convince the American People that Republicans are to blame for all of their woes.

It simply is not true.

We must speak out every chance we get.

We must vote.