It’s Time to Vote

Most of us will go to the poll and cast our vote, while many vote early through absentee ballots, etc.  People use to say there are two sure things:  Death and Taxes.  But in America for over 200 years there has always been another sure thing:  Elections.

“Let’s vote on it” is a phrase that can only come from a society that has been allowed the privilege of Freedom.   That phrase is heard from grade school kids deciding on what to name their just-hatched chicks to the highest court in the country.  (Maybe they don’t say it that way, but they do it.)

Voting is meant to give everyone equal say, and due to the foresight of the Founding Fathers, they devised a plan that does just that.  When you think about it, their insight to creating a democratic republic with a Constitution that has guided this country for this long is an amazing feat.   The structure,  the conveyance, the control of purveyance of and by the government as regulated by the people for the people is nothing short of brilliant.

We can hope and must pray that the Constitution as it is will continue to guide this nation, that enough of WE the people use our right to vote to make sure it does, and our Freedom will endure.