Promises Kept

Since taking office Trump has done exactly what he promised he would do. I do not entirely agree with the article by Marc Theissen from where I gathered this information, but Theissen points out that Trump has compiled a remarkable record of presidential promise-keeping:

-moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something his three immediate predecessors also promised yet failed to do.

-promised to “crush and destroy ISIS,” and two years later he is on the verge of eliminating the Islamic State’s physical caliphate.

-imposed a travel ban on countries that he saw as posing a terrorist threat, and after several false starts the final version of his ban was upheld by the Supreme Court.

-punished Syria if it used chemical weapons on its people, and, unlike his immediate predecessor, he followed through — not once but twice.

-pledged to nominate Supreme Court justices “in the mold of Justice [Antonin] Scalia,” and now Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh sit on the high court.

-Trump also pledged to fill the federal appellate courts with young, conservative judges, and so far the Senate has confirmed 26 — more than any recent president at this point in his administration.

-signed the first major overhaul of the tax code in three decades. He vowed an unprecedented regulatory rollback, with a strict policy to eliminate two existing regulations for every new regulation. Instead, in his first year he eliminated 22 existing regulations for every new rule, achieved $8.1 billion in lifetime regulatory savings and is on track to achieve an additional $9.8 billion this year. (emphasis added)

-African American unemployment reached the lowest level ever recorded, and his tax reform included a little-noticed provision creating “Opportunity Zones” to try to revitalize struggling towns and inner-city communities.

-canceled President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan,

-withdrew from the Paris climate accord,

-approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines,

-opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration.

-withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

-He also committed to renegotiating NAFTA and the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement — and recently signed new deals with Mexico, Canada and South Korea.

-He committed to imposing tariffs on China to force it to open its markets and stop its theft of intellectual property — and is following through on that pledge. Whatever one thinks of Trump’s trade policies, he is doing exactly what he said.

-made historic increases in defense spending

-He pledged to bring back manufacturing jobs, and manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest pace in more than two decades.

-pledged to sign –and signed– “Right to Try” legislation to give dying Americans access to experimental treatments.

-He pledged to take on the opioid epidemic, and will soon sign a sweeping bipartisan opioids package into law.


And don’t forget the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson from a Turkish prison.

When President Ronald Reagan was in office he met Donald Trump.  Reagan said “For the life of me, when I shook that young man’s hand I was the one who felt like I was shaking the hand of the President.”  It turned out to be a telling statement years later.

The liberals –who I call the Evil Left — are STILL under Trump Derangement Syndrome and are STILL doing all they can to thwart his every action.  What could be accomplished if we had a Congress that was willing to work with the President and his administration instead of stonewalling and obstructing the President’s work?

Pray that a conservative Congress, or at least a Congress willing to do what they are supposed to be doing for the good of the Country and the American people, exists after the November elections.