Milk is WHAT???

I like animals.  All sorts of animals.  I agree intentional cruelty to animals is brought about by ignorant or deranged minds and people devoid of compassion for living things.

But…. PETA has come out saying that milk— at least white milk (uh, that’s the way it comes out, you know?)– is the drink of “white supremacists.”  Then they go on to say that milk is taken from cows in “extreme violence.”

Well, last time I checked the cows are not hit in the head, shot, shocked, gassed, tortured, beaten, or mutilated in order to get milk.   Dairy farmers are not masters of torture, executioners, terrorist interrogators, or sadistic in any way.

They like their cows.

After all, the cows produce a necessary commodity to both the farmer and his family and the public market, so why wouldn’t you take care of them?  Accusing dairy farmers of “extreme violence” is unreasonable and simply not true.

I wonder what the cows think of this?  Where’s Dr. Doolittle when you need him?

Another thing:  Are black people who drink milk also “white supremacists?”  Hispanics?  Native American?  The extrapolation leads to the absurd.

Next it will be eating white potatoes and vanilla ice cream.

I like those, too.