Are We Willing?

The Antifa group called Smash Racism DC, drove Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a D.C. restaurant. Afterward, the group posted their “victory” on Twitter and Facebook, even though those posts directly violated the terms of service of both platforms. Yet they have been ignored by the social media police who obviously have a double standard when it comes to enforcing their own rules. Almost daily we hear of conservative voices being blocked and people being banned from these “social” platforms, and it is a blatant attack on free speech in America. But, as appears to be the case, these platforms do not care about free speech or America, they only care about control. It seems they have an unholy alliance against honesty and freedom.

On the Facebook page, the group also made a post about “resisting grand juries” and a call for “resistance of state repression.” Another statement about Cruz, Kavanaugh, and Trump was made, “We demand a world free of sexual violence and state violence. We want a world without prisons, borders, or capitalism. You should be embarrassed for existing.

They apparently didn’t make a statement about being free of “racial violence”, lest they show their own hypocrisy by attacking a senator with Hispanic ancestry. After all they call themselves “Smash Racism DC.”

The statement they made that jumped out at me was the one in bold print above. “… a world without prisons, borders, or capitalism.”

In other words, they want a world filled with lawlessness, chaos, and poverty. They believe in mob rule, and the only way the mob rules is through violence and intimidation, to which they believe themselves to be immune. They either have no clue or refuse to believe that existence in such a world would be very different than what they imagine.

Totalitarian governments rule by lawlessness, chaos, and poverty. They incite mob rule at first, but then the “mob” suddenly becomes a target of controlling forces, subdued and eliminated as necessary to protect the ruling government elite. Then prisons will not be filled with criminals, they will be filled with groups like Antifa and Smash Racism DC, along with “political prisoners” like senators, representatives, ambassadors, preachers, professors, and anyone who is deemed a “menace to the government.”

Totalitarian governments have strict immigration laws and NO open borders. PERIOD.

Capitalism is the life-blood of Freedom. Capitalism is the bane of Socialism and Communism, because it leaves control of money in the hands of the citizens, well, at least most of it. No country can prosper without capitalism in some form. Taxing citizens may be necessary to fund a government, but it will never replace, nor should it, a solid economy based on true capitalism.

The regrettable fact is we live in a much different America now. For a time, things may get better, and while they are, we who still believe in the American Way of Life, we who still contend that America is the greatest nation on earth, we who still believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, we who still believe in the Divine Providence that has helped this country to exist thus far, we must stand against those who seek to destroy all that.

The question becomes: Are we willing, as the Founding Fathers were, to give everything, including our life, to do that?

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