Tweety Birds

A special education instructor has resigned her position in Rosemount, MN. after tweeting “So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”  She made the tweet on Saturday, after which several people captured the tweet and reported it to the FBI.   The instructor resigned Tuesday.  The instructor was not named by the Rosemount Star Tribune.  One unbelievable thing is the school district put her on paid administrative leave “pending an investigation.”  What would have been the reaction if that teacher had tweeted a violent action against another teacher or a student?

Last week a writer for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Arial Dumas, tweeted “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”  Dumas later said it was a “tone-deaf attempt at sarcasm.”  She didn’t really say she was sorry, but just that she regretted having done it.

There’s a lot of difference.

People like that special ed teacher and Dumas think just because they can delete a message from their account there’s “no harm, no foul.”  It shows a remarkable absence of responsibility and a refusal to accept accountability.

Coming from a TV talk show, especially one that has continually mocked and criticized Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, the GOP, Christians, and conservatives we shouldn’t find it too surprising that a writer for the show displays the same mentality and short-sightedness, as well as the complete lack of decency and respect.

Twitter has become more a platform promoting ridicule, hate, and violence.   It is used as a propaganda forum by those who do not believe America is or can be a great nation.  They are not capable of understanding, or refuse to understand, that every other nation in the world does not come close to the freedoms we enjoy in this country.   (Somehow they think we should all feel guilty about that!)

But it is also used by those who DO understand what they want:  Control of the population, control over our education, control over our government, and certainly control over our individual rights.  They use all social media as propaganda forums to promote an agenda that is anti-American; it is a perverted sense of patriotism that wants to replace “nationalism” with “socialism.”

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and similar “social media” platforms are more dangerous to our freedom than most people realize because they severely compromise our privacy.    Even blog sites like this one are highly susceptible to uninvited and unwarranted access by others.

And if you use anything Google, including your Android devices, you can rest assured Google knows nearly everything about you, including the color of the last shirt you purchased, the medicines you take on a regular basis, and the last place you used your debit or credit card.

We’re way beyond Big Brother.