Holding Grudges

The Liberals and Democrats (birds of a feather) got what they wanted.  It amounted to nothing less than a kangaroo court.  A party-controlled process they called “impeachment” but which is in reality an attempted coup of the American government and an affront on the American People.

And it’s not over yet.

For  three years the Democratic house has done nothing but feed their anger that was ignited by the election in 2016.  Anger that resulted in grudges that enslaved the United States Congress to the whims, fantasies, and desires of elected officials who did NOTHING to improve living conditions, education, infrastructure, national security, foreign  policy, etc., etc.,  for this country or their constituents.

Their fomented hatred for Donald Trump has spawned groups like Antifa, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Indivisible, etc., and destroyed the reputation of the FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, and Congress.

The major media, mainstream media, Lame Brain Media, whatever you want to call them (I hesitate to use “reporters” or “news” stations) have been fully complicit in all things anti-Trump, and thereby all things anti-American.  They have done nothing to promote confidence or trust in the public; rather they have become propaganda mills operating under the guise of “free speech” while failing to present the truth.

If the “trial” in the Senate takes more than a day — it shouldn’t even take an hour — then we should seriously wonder why.

When you see a Democrat making accusations, there is little doubt they themselves are guilty of those same things; it’s a basic rule of Marxism:  Accuse those against you of the things you want to do (or are doing).  Then with the control of the press, citizens are inundated with conflicting statements, confidence is questioned, reputations are sullied, and public opinion is skewed.

Tell a lie long enough, and people start to believe it.

Don’t believe the lies.

The “impeachment” is the biggest lie yet.

Many Democrats foolishly believe they will come out on top if they get all the things they want– open borders, free healthcare, etc.  It all sounds good, but is completely unsustainable.

Donald Trump has kept every one of his campaign promises, and much more, even though he has had to fight the Democrats every step of the way.

When a bully picks on someone, and keeps picking on them, they finally get fed up and fight back.  Most of the time the bully finds out he’s not as tough as he thought he was.  He’s not used to having someone fight back.

It’s time Americans took a stand and start fighting back.  It’s time to push back against the bullies in government who think they know better than we do what we need as a country and as Americans.  It’s time to stand for all things good that are happening in this country, and shut down the senseless, stupid ideas the Democrats keep coming up with (“the Green New Deal”) and the anti-American rhetoric that is spewed from too many elected congress members.

If they really think America is so bad, if they think America needs to “change”, they’re doing a lousy job of enacting change.

They’re too busy hating.

It’s time to vote the hate out.