Tale of Two Athletes

During this time of year we often (and should) turn our thoughts to helping and giving. Christmas in America stands for different things to different people, however. In today’s society, some are taught that receiving is more important than giving, and indeed some feel they are entitled to do and say whatever they want.

So, this Christmas when you unwrap that present under the tree, see if you can complain about how wrong it is, how even though it is something you really wanted, it should have been a different color, a different size, bigger, smaller, more expensive, etc., etc., and then make some denigrating statements about the giver. After all, that’s what free speech is all about, right? Even among family and friends.

What an absurd idea!! Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Well…. Apparently some people would. Political insanity correctness knows no bounds.

Megan Rapinoe, awarded the 2019 Sportsperson of the Year award by Sports Illustrated, instead of being genuinely grateful, made her acceptance speech into some kind of statement about it not being enough. She complained that she was surely not “only the 4th woman to be deserving of the award” and made it a statement against SI’s lack of her definition of political correctness. PC that includes refusing to honor her countries flag during the national anthem, and making every effort to offend the President and decline the invitation to the White House. Along with others like Colin Kaepernick, she demands that she be given what she wants when she wants it on her terms. Yet she refuses to acknowledge the efforts of her teammates and give them much credit for her accomplishments, or insist the award be given to another athlete, say a transgender athlete.

But that would have required her to step out of the limelight — something the social justice leftists are never keen on doing.

No, leftists such as Rapinoe and her great friend Colin Kaepernick are only interested in social justice so long is it can make them a few bucks or land them on the front page of The New York Times, The Washington Post or HuffPo.

The word “entitlement” rapidly comes to mind.

Then there is Khalil Mack of the Chicago bears.

I don’t know a lot about Mack, but I would say this man understands the Spirit of Christmas. He paid off all the lay-away accounts in his home town Walmart in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Store manager Mathias Libardi said it was over 300 accounts, but would not give the dollar amount.

It doesn’t matter. Lay-away accounts are used by many of us who live pretty much from paycheck to paycheck, and used wisely to make Christmas just a little bit better for our loved ones.

Christmas is a hard time for a lot of people. But when people like Khalil Mack and organizations like his foundation step up to help others, it makes Christmas even more special. Earlier this year, Mack purchased new cleats for the entire Ft. Pierce Westwood High School football team.

Don’t be a PC Grinch; be a Khalil Mack Secret Santa. It’s a wonderful experience, and it’s good for the soul.