The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

I received this from a nephew, Pastor Jeff: "Hoping you all have a thoughtful day knowing that you can't have Christmas without the manger, You can't have the manger without the cross, You can't have the cross without the grave, You can't have the grave without the resurrection, You can't have the resurrection without the … Continue reading The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

A New Understanding

According to the liberal media, the left, the socialists, the communists, Antifa, BLM global network, and a dozen other entities who are "woke" to the new order of things, I have apologies to make. I'm sorry I'm white, old, Christian, republican, conservative, and privileged (even though I had a job since I was 15 until … Continue reading A New Understanding

It’s Up To God

Gary Bauer of American Values reported in his End of Day Report they are reviewing a disturbing document that was delivered to the Biden transition team. The document, endorsed by three House progressives, smears religious conservatives as "conspiracy theorists" and "white nationalists," and calls for an all-out assault on religious liberty at every level of … Continue reading It’s Up To God

Tale of Two Athletes

During this time of year we often (and should) turn our thoughts to helping and giving. Christmas in America stands for different things to different people, however. In today's society, some are taught that receiving is more important than giving, and indeed some feel they are entitled to do and say whatever they want. So, … Continue reading Tale of Two Athletes