Still President

There’s a lot of premature celebrating going on among liberals because they wrongly believe Trump has been voted out of office.  The twitter-sphere was alive with the likes of Alyssa Milano and others crowing their goodbyes to the President.

They are woefully uneducated in Constitutional procedure.

Had they been paying attention in their high school civics classes or U.S. Constitution classes, they might remember that when the House votes to “impeach” a president, that’s all it is.  It does not remove a setting president from office.

That requires a vote by a Senate majority.  A vote that the House knows will never happen in the Republican-majority Senate.

The hypocrisy literally oozed down the halls of the House of Representatives yesterday as the Democrats erupted in applause after the vote to impeach President Trump.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to signal her caucus to keep quiet in order to maintain the fake solemnity of the moment.

So the current President, who has done more good for this country than the last 5 (or more) presidents, is STILL the president.

Remember this December day next November.  It’s time to vote out the hypocrisy, hate, and divisive vitriol of liberal elected officials.

President Trump is not one of them.

One thought on “Still President

  1. The house can impeach by simple majority, it takes 2/3 of the Senate to remove a president.  Pelosi may make all kinds of excuses and accusations but might never send the impeach documents to the Senate because she knows it would be a dead horse and Democrats would look more foolish than they do now (if possible). 

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