Stay Free

Barrack Hussein Obama promised to “fundamentally change America.”  I wonder if what is going on is what even he had in mind in ‘changing’ our country.  I wonder if he (along with others) created a monster and now it’s out of control.
They succeeded in disrupting our education system; they crashed the economy; they brought about constitutional abuses against religion; they increased the welfare state, even temporarily, and that has yet to be completely played out.  And for some reason, there are 6 or 7 blocks in Seattle, Washington that is still allowed to exist as some kind of “sovereign” entity that now has it’s own crime and shootings problem.

Add to all of this the weaponization of the IRS, the DOJ, CIA, Secret Service, and other government departments, the Deep State was created with one sole purpose:  The complete control of the American People.

Groups are tearing down any and all statues that they – or someone – has deemed racist, oppressive, threatening, upsetting, etc..  And now someone has decided that stained glass windows of pictures of Christ are a form of “white supremacy.”   Shaun King says the pictures of Christ as a “fair skinned” man are a form of white supremacy.  This coming from a white man.

(By the way, Jesus isn’t a “white man.”  It’s ludicrous, if not blasphemous, to assign any “race” to our Risen Lord.)

NONE of this has to do with saving the lives of black people, minorities, immigrants, nor any other group of people.  Social Justice is a misnomer, a fantasy, a construct of the liberal mind to promote racism in America!

To them, white people are to blame for all that ails everyone else, as well as in the minds of the statue-destroying mobs.

There is no longer any respect for history or the needed lessons learned from history, because history has been re-written for the last several decades under the government-controlled education system.

The liberal media uses every chance they can to rile up conflict.  I’ve changed my thinking a bit about the liberal media.  I believe more than ever that they want to see the “change” of which Obama spoke, and they don’t care how many lives it takes, how much damage to this country is done, or what kind of force is necessary to do it, they want it done.  It’s not just that they hate Trump:  They hate America.  They hate Capitalism.  They hate Judeo-Christian values and the people who live by them.

The pandemic became leverage for abusing the rights of every American from the right to worship to the right to bear arms to the right to congregate ( hundreds could gather to protest, but not to attend church ).  Some of it was necessary – for a time – but the abuses enacted on a lot of people were Constitutionally wrong, and defied common sense, even with the COVID-19 safety protocols.

We are responsible to obey our government.  But more so, the government is responsible to ALL citizens.  Cooperation between citizens and government is vital to peace, law, and order.   But when the government takes actions contrary to the preservation of our rights, then we as citizens must speak out and stand against ideologies harmful to liberty.

It’s the only way to stay free.