Yes, Virginia, There IS a Militia

Last month, Kevin McAleenan, who is now the Department of Homeland Security’s acting secretary, declared the U.S. immigration system hit its “breaking point.”

He said “CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our southwest border — and nowhere has that crisis manifested more acutely than here in El Paso.”

McAleenan said that in the previous two mornings, border officers took more than 12,000 migrants into custody along the border.

“A high number is 4,000 — 6,000 is crisis level,” he said. “Twelve thousand is unprecedented. On Monday, we saw the highest total of apprehensions and encounters in years, with over 4,000 in a single day.”

He said that at the present rate, the Border Patrol would count more than 100,000 apprehensions and encounters with migrants in March, the highest monthly total in more than a decade.

He urged Congress to craft solutions to expedite political asylum claims by migrants from Central American nations.

“The surge numbers are just overwhelming the entire system,” McAleenan said.

Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen warned us about the system meltdown, and the Dems and their media cronies turned a deaf ear.  Nielsen said 98% of illegal aliens caught in the border in 2017 remain in the United States.

Hundreds of asylum seekers who were trying to cross the border illegally Tuesday night surrendered to an an independent group of armed New Mexico citizens. reported an estimated 300 men, women and children gave themselves up to the ‘United Constitutional Patriots.”

The group, which says it’s comprised of veterans and former police officers, turned over custody of the asylum seekers to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

One of the members of the group, Jim Benvie, streamed live on Facebook the handover.

Benvie had been camping out on the New Mexico-Chihuahua border for two months, reported.

“I literally walked out and I looked, and all I saw was hundreds of people coming at us,” said Benvie.

He said that once the migrants came, “then we did what we do, and that’s to help Border Patrol get them to the processing van. So, everybody is safe.”

(Source: WND)

The New Mexico United Constitutional Patriots is exactly what the Constitution writers had in mind when they penned the 2nd Amendment.  A militia of trained armed men and women who will fight for the protection of family, homes, and country, even when their government will not.

These people are doing what many state governors are unwilling to do– those governors who refuse to let their State National Guard units be assigned to protect our most vulnerable border.  I dare say it would be completely different if their state was being inundated with thousands of illegal immigrants and the citizens of their state were being robbed, raped, and murdered on a daily basis.

Sometime they, along with the rest of us, must decide to become AMERICANS who will  defend our families and property and our country from invasion.  Americans who truly care for each others well-being and safety.  Americans who care for AMERICA.

The borders must be closed.

If Congress won’t do it, then Congress is wrong and not fulfilling the constitutional duty every member swore to carry out when elected.