The Omen of Notre Dame

While much of the world grieves over the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Muslims are rejoicing in it’s smoke and ashes.  We will most likely never hear the truth, but I will never believe it was anything but a terrorist act of arson committed by radical Islamic Muslims.

Europe is full of them.

So is the United States, but it seems our government is blinded by political correctness.

Gary Bauer of American Values said:

“Secular elites across Europe and here in the United States have been torching the fundamental values of Western Civilization, of Judeo-Christian Civilization, for decades….”

NBC news reported Tuesday morning that a line of firemen, police, and volunteers made a human chain to pass valuable articles and relics hand-to-hand out and away from the fire, thus saving precious and irreplaceable items of Christendom left on this earth.

Bauer continues:

“Thankfully, a number of wealthy individuals are offering extremely generous donations to restore the cathedral.  Rebuilding Notre Dame will be a massive undertaking.  But that will be easy compared to what it will take to rebuild and restore the West.

How do we restore the fundamental belief of Western Civilization — that all human beings are made in the image of God, and that each one, from the moment of conception until their final breath, has dignity and worth?

Our country was founded on the belief that our liberty comes from the God of Abraham, not any government.

This civilization has brought more opportunity and freedom for women and minorities than any civilization in the history of the world.

We are not only abandoning our history, we are destroying our future by failing to instill these building blocks of civilization in the hearts and minds of our children.

As the West declines, a decline due in part to the fact that we have barbarians inside the gates, what is the great civilization that will replace it and do a better job?  Does anyone really believe that a future run by the Chinese communists will give us a better, freer world?

As European women stop giving birth, and the nurseries are filled with babies named Mohammad, does anyone believe that Muslim Europe will be a freer, more tolerant place for women and children than the Europe Christendom created?

The burning of Notre Dame, with all the culture and history that it represents, was a warning to the West.  We must preserve and defend what we cherish.

Not Just Notre Dame

French authorities say they are preparing for a “long and complicated” investigation regarding the cause of the inferno.  For now, they insist there is no sign of arson.

While it is certainly true that accidents do happen during construction and renovation projects, Notre Dame is not the only French church to suffer extensive damage lately.
Here’s a sample of recent headlines:

“800-Year-Old Church Heavily Vandalized In French No-Go Suburb”

“Eucharist Desecrated, Statues Smashed In Series Of French Church Attacks”

“Vandals Cause Serious Damage In Attack On A French Church”

“Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized In One Week”

“Macron’s France:  Average Of Three Church Attacks Per Day”

The media in Europe and America are uncomfortable discussing this reality.  Yesterday, Fox News twice hung up on guests who attempted to expose it.

Regardless of what caused the fire at Notre Dame, French authorities and the French people should be asking serious questions about why so many churches are being attacked day after day. ”


You have to be living under a rock to not see the “cultural jihad” that is occurring in Europe and Western civilizations.  It’s happening in the United States, and grows more and more prevalent with the influx of Muslims (legal or illegal) and the voter base they are establishing in order to take control of our government.

Today we have 3 or 4 Muslims in Congress.  In 5 years it may be 30.  In 10 years it may be 200.  It can happen (and is happening).

I am American.  I believe in America, the American Way of Life, I support the Constitution, and as AMERICANS we must fight (at least we better!) to preserve these things.

We hear a lot of talk about “change”.  We don’t need change, or diversity, or tolerance, or inclusiveness, or any of those buzz words used by the Left.

We need the spiritual and political cohesion that, up to now, is really what made this country great.  ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is more true today than it has ever been for our country.

As Gary said, “we are destroying our future by not instilling the building blocks of civilization in the hearts and minds of our children.”

Faith.  Virtue.  Honesty.  Love of Freedom.  Doing what’s right.  Standing against wrong.  Hating Evil, Loving Good.  Treating others as we want to be treated.  Helping others.  Protecting our home and our family.

Those building blocks of civilization create and uphold Freedom that will endure for all generations.