Circle of Life

A lot of people – especially younger people – think America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is on some kind of welfare.

So half of the population is on welfare – yet they think they are “victims” of the system, but more so they think they are victims of the rich (a relative term) and thus Capitalism is bad, and the rich become their enemy.

They think they are victims yet they continue to vote for and support their representatives who run for office promising “distribution of wealth” and “more taxes for the rich” which really means continued welfare for those already on welfare. It’s a circle of lies on the political carousel that’s never intended to end.

Their representatives get elected and run the government – and the welfare state grows. Less people work simply because they don’t have to work, they don’t want to work, and many never intend to even look for a job.

People on welfare have things that people in other countries will never have.  The “poor” in America have much, much more than people in other countries even dream about. The “American Dream” now is migrating to America and getting on the American welfare system.  Free school, free food, free lodging, free medical care– except it’s not really “free”; someone somewhere is paying for it.

Here is the really crazy part: Even though they have things that people in other countries only dream about, they (particularly the illegal immigrants) want America to become  more like those other countries!!  They don’t want to become American citizens.  They don’t want to assimilate as American Citizens.  They want America to become— well, like home in the country they left.

WHY would they want America to become like the country they just left?? Do they think the problems that drove them to leave will not follow them to their “new” country?

Yes, they do believe it will be “different” and “better”, because that is what the liberals and Democrats want them to believe. They are being fed a lie that their life will improve if they can just get inside America and oh, by the way, we’ll get you the right to vote so you can vote for us and keep us in office— and the “circle of life on welfare” will never end, and the welfare state grows in leaps and bounds.

We often hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money.  But we never hear about welfare running out of money.  And we won’t.  Politically speaking, it’s the cash cow of votes.

What’s interesting is people receiving Social Security spent their lives earning a living and paying into the system.

Many, many, many people (most?) on welfare did not.

That’s called Socialism.