The Past is the Past

"Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming"; "Committee on Art in Public Spaces" ; "Chief Diversity Office"; these names and similar titles are appearing in colleges and universities across America, all of which are prone to cater to snowflakes whining about everything from art to building names to stone work on buildings. The offense?  The "perception" … Continue reading The Past is the Past

The New Nationalism?

Tony Perkins' The Washington Update has an article that should be very troubling to Christians across America. It talks about "Christian nationalism." Most disturbing is the fact that it comes from a group of left-leaning church leaders! They claim this new type of nationalism is a  "persistent threat to both our religious communities and our … Continue reading The New Nationalism?

To Be or Not to Be

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Rice University April 5th; here is part of his speech: "We're living in a time in this country of growing support for socialism and a growing intolerance for diverse viewpoints, including on many college campuses across America. Speech codes, safe zones, and intolerance against people whose faith and economic … Continue reading To Be or Not to Be