What’s Next?

Consider the following:

The Democrats and their Deep State and media allies were willing to illegally spy on Donald Trump.

The Democrats used false information to charge the president with treason for colluding with Russia.  Later they added a phone call they didn’t like to enforce their charges.

The Democrats perverted and corrupted the most powerful institutions in government: The DOJ, FBI, IRS, and State Department.

The Democrats have politicized the pandemic and along with the media have incited fear, anxiety, suffering, financial stress and ruin, and unemployment to gain power and control.

It is more and more apparent the Democrats are willing to flat-out lie to the American Public, so what are they capable of doing if they believe Trump will win this do-or-die election in November?

Says David Kupelian of the Whistleblower Magazine: “Although of course we don’t yet know who will win November’s election, one thing is for sure: If the integrity of America’s elections is destroyed because of the left’s insatiable quest for power at all costs, then the great ‘American experiment’ will finally be at an end. For if no one believes their vote really counts any more, the United States of America will have ceased to exist as a functioning, powerful and uniquely free society.”

Now 4 years later, the left is screaming how Trump is going to “steal the election” while they blame him for every societal problem facing America today – most of which the Democrats created. “As usual with the left, it’s all shameless straight-up projection – accusing conservatives of the precise sins and crimes they themselves commit.”

AG William Barr said “The Left has replaced religion with a passionate, ruthless quest for victory based on their belief that everything in life is political.  It’s a secular religion. It’s a substitute for religion. They view their political opponents as evil – because you stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach.”

There is more suppression of free speech today than ever before in America.

There is the “cancel culture” – which is merely a euphemism for leftist suppression of dissent. Any dissent from anyone.

Another communist norm taking root in America is the rewriting of the American past. We are living a famous Soviet dissident joke: “In the Soviet Union, the future is known; it is the past that is always changing.” (Dennis Prager)  History books as low as middle school level are now portraying America as an invader and aggressor.

Socialism and / or Communism replaced Christianity in much of Europe beginning after WWI, and when WWII was over, Russia and Germany (East Germany) became Communist countries. When the Berlin Wall fell, people thought that was the end of Communism in Germany and much of Europe. Not true!

Today China is going into high gear to destroy Christianity, and is taking over Hong Kong and destroying what little freedom they had (compared to the mainland). And they don’t just issue “fines.”

The attack on Christianity, churches, and pastors is happening right now in America!! Churches being ORDERED closed, pastors and members arrested and fined if they disobey, and having their electricity and water turned off.

That’s what they do in Communist countries.

We are ONE ELECTION away from becoming the hatching ground for the next Socialist country in the world, maybe the next Communist regime.