Papers, Please!

In two days (Saturday, Jan 15) if you visit Washington, D.C. – even if you live there – you MUST have three things to be out on the street:

Proof of COVID vaccination (12 years old and older).

Proof of COVID vaccination AND a photo  I.D. (18 years old and older).

A mask (and you better be wearing it).

Now, tell me:  What does having your photo I.D. on you when you’re out jogging in D.C. have to do with “public health”??  Masks have already been proven (several times) to be completely ineffective against disease (read the box they come in; it’s always said that).  And WHY does anyone need to have a COVID passport (what else do you call it?) just to be on the sidewalk in front of their home standing alone in the open air????  Or driving down the street or freeway?  Going outside to get your mail. 

On the other side of the country in Washington State, they’re most likely going to open involuntary interment COVID camps.  If someone has COVID or even is suspected of having COVID, in you go courtesy of the local health department and their goons who happen to be wearing a uniform, badge, and a gun.  (Law enforcement officers across this country are going to be forced to decide whose side they’re on.)

It’s all about power and control.

What’s next?  States setting up “checkpoints” at their borders, checking for COVID passports?  Metropolitan areas becoming “gated communities” requiring the necessary proof – papers – that you are who you say you are and you do live there?

What it will eventually come down to is a government data base of every citizen in the country that includes everything about them, relatives, income, date of birth, home address, place of employment, political affiliations, religion (down to denomination), and of course, race.

Now if you think that’s a bit preposterous, already there are Fusion Centers in place (courtesy of DHS, after 9/11) where law enforcement agencies can contact and find out just about anything about anyone with just a name, sex, race, and approximate age.   I’ve heard it too many times on the police scanner, and the return of the information is only a matter of seconds.  If there is more than one person fitting the description, the requesting officer / agency is told so, and they will acquire more specific info, like DOB or SSN.  They rarely come up with nothing, and are rarely wrong.

The technology is in place.  If they can force us into lockdowns, shut our churches and schools and businesses, mandate vaccinations against our will or imprison us for non-compliance, then it’s a small matter to completely stop travel between cities and states.

It will happen if we let it.

Papers, Please!