These were sent to me in email (thanks, JP).  Some of them had a little bad language, so I omitted them, though they were truthful.  The people of this country are like “sheeps to the slaughter” when it comes to thinking for themselves, making common sense decisions, and standing up for their rights (including the rights of the unborn).  They can’t seem to do it.

I recently saw an article that covered a symposium in England, and one speaker said COVID is not a health crisis, it is a financial crisis that has been manufactured for one reason:  To gain control of people.  I believe COVID is very real (whether manufactured or not), but the reactions and response in treatment and care have been nothing but political, guided only by money and power while ignoring solid science and proven treatment protocols.  Armed with the propaganda machine of the mainstream media, they have duped America into believing only the government knows what is best for us.

And it simply isn’t so.

(One or two of these memes are about elections, but I included them as well.)