Medical Tyranny

I took both Moderna shots.  I experienced extreme fatigue after both shots for about 2 days.
Frankly, I haven’t felt right since.  I wish I had never taken them.  My stomach and digestive tract is out of whack, and just two weeks ago I had a both an EGD and a colonoscopy.  Nothing was found, no concerns.  But something isn’t right.
And as Andrew says below, after being vaccinated, now we’re being told we need boosters. Frankly, some people are saying the first round of poison hasn’t killed enough people, so they’re going to try it again.  Things just don’t add up.
Here’s some questions I’ve seen posted by others:
     If masks work—then why 6 feet (social distancing)?
     If 6 feet works, they why masks?
     If they BOTH work, then why the lockdowns?
     If all three are working, they why the big push for vaccines?
     If the vaccines are “completely safe” then why the “no liability” clause for big pharma?
     If the fully vaccinated can get and transmit COVID, they why give them “vaccine passports?”
Every day I believe more and more we’ve been lied to, manipulated, and for what?  Power and money.   They don’t care about our health, they only care about taking control.
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