Time to Hold Drug Companies Accountable

If you have noticed, advertisements for “new” drugs on TV usually end with a long list of adverse side effects that are possible.  Many times the drug sounds more dangerous than the medical condition it’s supposed to treat!

But pharmaceutical companies are protected by law many times when it comes down to a drug harming someone.  For instance, the COVID vaccines.

The big drug companies wanted a guarantee they would be protected and not be held liable if their rushed vaccine didn’t perform or, which has been happening, if it actually harms or kills someone.

The fact is, as  Dr. Peter McCullough has been saying since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been too many deaths, let alone harmful adverse reactions to the vaccines for a lot of people.

Yet Pfizer, Gilliad, Moderna, Astrazeneca and other companies have been granted complete immunity from law suits for deaths and harm caused by their vaccines.

If the vaccines are “completely safe” then what’s the problem?  These aren’t over-the-counter medicines that are easily abused by the public.

The old saying is “where there’s smoke, there’s flame.”  You have to admit there’s a lot of smoke around the vaccines, and it’s getting more and more questionable, and has been for a while.

With up to 45,000 deaths attributed to the vaccine (so far), why has there not been a concerted effort by the government to investigate those deaths?  When they developed the Swine flu vaccine, 53 people died from the vaccine, and the vaccine was stopped.  Dr. McCullough said had there been a monitoring board watching the COVID vaccines, they would have stopped the vaccinations in February.

But there was no monitoring board as far as we know, or if there was, they were silent.

We need to contact our representatives and senators and tell them it’s time to hold the big drug companies accountable for the products they produce.  No other industry is afforded freedom from liability, especially for an experimental product.

Even though I have taken the vaccine (I wish I had not), I agree there should be a full-blown push against the medical tyranny (no other way to describe it) which the government has been forcing upon us.  They are using a health scare to create financial chaos and to force people into submissive compliance to unlawful policies and law.  Frankly, I don’t believe it’s happening by “chance.”

We, the people, are allowing it to happen, and it’s time to stop it.