The Building is Not the Church

Many church buildings will be empty Easter Sunday. No services, no communion service, no traditional Easter hymns, no beautiful lilies, no sermons glorifying the Resurrected Christ and calling all to seek Him. Just silence. The most sacred day of the year will still arrive. Sunday is coming. The event in history it memorializes still happened. … Continue reading The Building is Not the Church

Still President

There's a lot of premature celebrating going on among liberals because they wrongly believe Trump has been voted out of office.  The twitter-sphere was alive with the likes of Alyssa Milano and others crowing their goodbyes to the President. They are woefully uneducated in Constitutional procedure. Had they been paying attention in their high school … Continue reading Still President


In the modern age a cornerstone is more symbolic than structural. They are often engraved with the date the building was built or finished, sometimes adorned with a plaque of the company or builder's name, or the building name. Often they are hollow, wherein articles and documents are placed that are of the current time … Continue reading Cornerstone

Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

The article is here.  You can listen to the podcast on American Family Radio.  The head line is "Google Creating a 'god-like' Artificial Intelligence." Below is an excerpt: "They're trying to create a control grid that captures all the information – video, audio – wherever you're at, streams it back to a centralized data repository, … Continue reading Google and Amazon and Skynet – Oh, My!

It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Now the Supreme Court is trying to decide if or when (or how or can or could or something) a man can become a woman and vice versa. Every legal document going forth from whatever they decide that includes the word “sex” or “gender” means something not at all related to biological fact (gender at … Continue reading It Just Doesn’t Add Up