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The Soul Of The Nation

President Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver a prime-time address at Independence Hall tonight on the fight for “the soul of the nation.” Based on his recent remarks, there’s little doubt that he will continue to demonize the 75 million Americans who oppose the socialist, neo-Marxist left in America.

It pains me to write this, but I believe Biden’s speech and the doubling down on this theme in recent days may be a sign that the “semi-fascists” running our government right now are getting ready to indict former President Trump.

And given the standard set by the FBI when Hillary Clinton was allowed to walk free after the way she mishandled classified information, that double standard of justice would be devastating to the soul of the country.

Sadly, it almost seems that Biden and the left would even risk civil conflict if helps them keep power. Unfortunately, many Americans fear even worse. A recent poll found that 43% of Americans believe a civil war is likely in the coming years.

The same poll also found that 66% of Americans believe our divisions have gotten worse since Joe Biden took office. That’s a damning indictment of the man who promised to bring “unity.”

Is Biden’s bullying working politically? I don’t know. But it’s worth noting that last week the Reuters/Ipsos poll had Biden’s approval rating at 41% approve and 54% disapprove.  But this week, he’s down to 38% approve and 58% disapprove. That’s a big seven-point swing in one week.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy will be making his own remarks in Pennsylvania this afternoon, and he is widely expected to hit back against Biden’s outrageous, divisive and over-the-top rhetoric.

About That Photo

The Biden Justice Department and the FBI are doing everything they can to hide behind the veil of national security to evade transparency. Yet, every day they are leaking material intended to convict Donald Trump in the court of public opinion before they indict him in a court of law.

The most notable example of this disgraceful behavior came yesterday with the release of the infamous photo of documents “scattered across the floor.”

The impression created by that photo and amplified by the Deep State’s fake news media allies was that FBI agents found the documents that way because Donald Trump was so careless. That’s fake news. They did not find the documents scattered across the floor.

You had to read the lengthy court filings to learn that FBI agents took the documents out of a box and spread them on the floor in order to take that picture.

Moreover, the classification markings mean absolutely nothing BECAUSE President Trump was declassifying a lot of documents during his final days in the White House. When that ridiculous photo appeared yesterday, Trump publicly said, “Lucky I Declassified!”

The Biden Administration is counting on the fact that most Americans are too busy to follow the news this closely. They are also counting on their fake news media allies to mislead the American people yet again, just like they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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Why Is Biden Threatening Military Force?

During a speech in Pennsylvania earlier this week, Joe Biden openly mocked gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment. He said, “For those brave right-wing Americans who say it is all about keeping America as independent and safe, if you want to fight against a country, you need an F-15.”

What?! Why would any president say something like that?

When Donald Trump wanted to deploy the National Guard to stop the rioting in the summer of 2020, he was accused of acting like a dictator. Biden just said to the world, “I’m ready to use the Air Force to put down political opposition, so watch out!”

The bottom line is that Joe Biden threatened to use the U.S. military against conservative dissenters.  Where are the responsible, mainstream media voices condemning this dangerous rhetoric?

What A Joke!

If you listen to Biden’s speeches, you’ve probably noticed that he likes to say, “No joke” or “I’m not joking” a lot. He said it nine times in one speech this week. It’s his way of saying, “I’m not lying,” which he does a lot.

When he speaks in public settings, he often has a group of supporters standing behind him to create a sense that there’s a big crowd in his audience. These folks often nod and smile, but there’s little emotion.

During Biden’s speech earlier this week, the Fox News cameras panned out for a wide shot at one point that showed Biden’s entire audience. As it turns out, there weren’t many people there.  But big media completely hides that fact from viewers.

Joe Biden just can’t draw a crowd like Donald Trump. And that’s no joke!

Revisionist History

It’s been infuriating this week watching Big Media praise the late Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, claiming that he ended the Cold War. That’s not true. I know because I was there working in the Reagan White House.

The Cold War was won by Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. Gorbachev surrendered!

If you’re interested in learning the real truth, I encourage you to watch a great documentary sometime over the Labor Day holiday called, “Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism.”

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

California recently passed a law compelling automakers to sell only electric cars by 2035, just 13 years from now. It’s laughable, but the law will impact every state in the union. Because of the size of California’s market, automakers often set their standards to whatever specifications California demands.

Meanwhile, the state has been caught by surprise by something called “summer.” It’s expected to get hot again over Labor Day weekend. So, California bureaucrats issued a directive instructing people to not use things that drain lots of power, like charging your electric car. Another shining example of liberal logic.

Still waiting for the global warming crowd to be mugged by reality.

Masks Forever!

Students at the University of California, Berkeley, are being ordered to wear masks during flu season unless they can show proof of vaccination.

This continues the pattern we have observed over the last two years.  The more left-wing a government or institution is, the more they fall in love with the feeling of power they get when they can force everyone to wear a mask.

But for the Berkeley Antifa members, it’s really very convenient. They can riot with their masks on and go straight to class without needing to change.

                                                           Gary Bauer, American Values