The College Fix is an online paper that reports on what is going on in our colleges and universities, and supports free speech, honest reporting, and responsible journalism.

The things they’ve reported this past two years or so are indicative of the mess in which our institutions of higher education find themselves.  Except many of them don’t consider themselves to be in a mess…

A couple of days ago they reported on the Univ. of AZ “bias response team”  (the Bias Education and Support Team) and how they react to “complaints.”

These complaints are nothing more than entitled ‘I want it my way’ snowflake students who walk around wearing their feelings on their sleeves, crying when something “offends” them.  And it usually doesn’t take much.

It’s almost laughable, except the colleges and universities are taking them seriously, bowing to woke ideology, and thereby turning students into some kind of activists instead of educated people who might contribute to society.

Examples of reports submitted by students against other students or professors:

A student was overheard (and reported for) saying he regretted putting his gender down as “neutral” on his housing application because “he doesn’t want to be in a hallway with a bunch of ‘trannies.’” The student then expressed a desire to move so that he wouldn’t have to live in this hallway, a section of the dorm reserved for the “gender inclusive theme community.”

During an April 2021 Zoom class, a student expressed a desire to move to a city in Mexico where her family lived. The professor then asked the student if she had a green card. When she said she was born in the United States, the professor told her to be careful going to Mexico because crime is a common occurrence there.

[One] professor discussed how she herself had not had any negative experiences with the police and therefore “could not share the meanings of people’s grievances over these events.”

“People are entitled to their opinions, but what she did made us all very uncomfortable,” wrote one student in a complaint to BEST. “The classroom is not an appropriate place to discuss these matters,” she wrote. Supporting the police openly in class during such a sensitive time in this country, as well as during Black History Month, was completely unprofessional.”

Well, cry me a river!  These students claim to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” but their actions say the opposite.  They also need to accept the fact that Life isn’t fair, won’t ever be fair, and the sooner they learn to live and let live, the less stress they will have in their life.

This doesn’t mean letting everything slide, but don’t base your opinion on other peoples opinion.  The late Ann Landers said one time “When a million people have a bad idea, it’s STILL a bad idea!”

So while our universities and colleges (even some of the parochial schools) are cuddling Snowflakes so they can feel “included” and not “offended” at every turn, they are creating dumbed-down citizens who will fold at the first strong wind.

It’s bad enough what’s going on in K-12 schools, but frankly when a student enters higher education they better have a strong spiritual foundation and a strong support system around them, or they’ll be misled, mistaught, deceived, and groomed to be a pawn in a socialist country.

Unfortunately that country is America.

It’s time we start taking control of our children’s education, becoming involved in the local school boards and administrations, and telling state colleges and universities that we will NOT be sending our kids and grandkids to their schools unless changes are made.