The Wind and The Flag

Across the street I see a flag pole with an American flag waving in the wind.

The wind causes the flag to wave and ripple, and the pole moves and sways as the flag bears the onslaught of the wind, changing directions, blowing this way and that, gusting to make the flag whip and flutter.

The pole moves, sways, bending slightly under the pressure, but when the wind subsides, it returns to it’s original position, standing straight and tall, holding up the flag, now resting. Both are ready to take on the next wind as it will surely come, perhaps stronger than the last time, perhaps a small breeze easily endured.

At the base of the pole are flowers; different colors, arranged around the pole, giving it a sense of importance, deserving of the beauty offered by them, a place of worth and dignity.

Both flowers and pole always point upward to the flag, holding it’s place at the top, holding it’s history for all to see and remember. The stars and stripes, the fields of color, all calling the observer to remember the glory, the sacrifice, the honor, the virtue, the commitment, and the love of those who call themselves Patriots who have lived and died for America.

May America always find those who are called to protect Freedom, who are committed to making our country the America the Founding Fathers dreamed of, where people are truly Free. A country blessed by the Providential Guidance of God and His Word, where the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is not only possible but a reality.

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