Gossip Columns and Tabloids, Con’d

Anyone with a little bit of common sense and a conservative bent knows the American Main Stream Media spend more time on Trump bashing than reporting the news. They refuse to report the good things that President Trump has accomplished in the last 3 years; economy is booming, unemployment is at historical lows across the board, and the “de-weaponization” of Federal Agencies like the CIA, FBI, IRS, and others that were used by the Obama Administration to influence and censor various groups and people.

In the first of these posts it was mentioned the only way to change the Liberal Media behavior of propaganda is to attack their bottom line, and the way to do that is to let their advertisers know that we do not agree with their support of the liberal media bias.

It was suggested that we make a list of commercials during national news broadcasts and programs to find out who is spending their money on the big news channels.

We have to realize the immensity of paid advertising that occurs on TV. When you realize that hour-long TV shows are actually only 38 minutes of program and the other 22 minutes is paid advertising (commercials), you might understand why we are so influenced by TV ads. If you’ve ever watched a toddler playing in front of a TV, the only time they stop playing to watch is when a commercial comes on!

Data from Nielsen Research says the average American watches 34 hours of television each week. That’s nearly a full-time job!! Plus, the advertising revenue for TV comes in at a whopping $72 billion per year!

That ain’t hay!

Below is a list of commercials from just ONE news program, the Today Show, for just the first two hours (aired October 8, 2019).

Ford Motor Company Quaker Oats Progresso Soup
Crest Tooth Paste Nivea (lotion) MilkBone dog biscuits
Liberty Mutual Target Pepto Bismo
Citi (bank, cards) Cancer Treatment Centers Humana
Pampers Scrubbing Bubbles Dove
General Mills (Cheerios) Amazon Audible Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses
Carmax Fairlife Milk Xarelto (Janssen Pharmaceutical)
Progressive Insurance Febreze Sargento Cheese
Tylenol Snickers Cerave Skin Care
Macys Cascade Bounty Paper Towels
Neutrogena Walmart Ozembic (Novo Nordisk)
Humira United Health Care Downy
Tremfya (Janssen Pharm.) BoS Banks

Ads may vary depending on your location, but usually national ads are just that, national. There are always places for local ads as well because obviously the local stations have to get their share of the commercials market, and some ads may vary between free (digital) TV and cable.

Some companies will protect their choice of shows or programs on which they advertise, and that’s fine. The more communication they receive about it, the more they WILL pay attention to it, even though they may not admit it. (On local markets, advertisers are not always given the times they want commercials to run, unless they specifically request (and pay for) a certain slot.)

We need an upsurge, a ground rumble of conservative voices that grows into a roar, to influence manufacturers who will then influence main stream media by how they spend their money.

It can be done IF enough people do it. We all can’t say “let someone else do it.”

Write. Email. Call. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Don’t threaten, don’t scream boycott (yet), just be pleasant and strongly suggest if they continue to spend their dollars one way, we will spend our money another way that may not include their product.

Don’t cancel your Humana policy. Don’t do without medication that helps you just because it’s on some list (see above). Common sense is still necessary. Do what you can to help stem the tide of liberal news outlets spreading opinions and propaganda that is driving the dividing force in America.

And that is done by decreasing their bottom line.