It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Now the Supreme Court is trying to decide if or when (or how or can or could or something) a man can become a woman and vice versa. Every legal document going forth from whatever they decide that includes the word “sex” or “gender” means something not at all related to biological fact (gender at birth). It might make “gender identity” a legal term that says when a person “identifies” with a certain gender, then that’s what they are or will be or can be or should be recognized as…. It gets really confusing.

What if they decide later they don’t want to be whatever it was they decided they wanted to be? No problem! Gender identity is fluid, it’s flexible, it’s bendable, it’s changeable.

It’s not biologically sound.

For any governing body (and that’s what SCOTUS is now) to think they can actually legislate gender is in fact ludicrous.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit decided that an individual’s sex is whatever the individual says it is.

A person’s sex, in that court’s vision, is neither static nor binary.

“By the same token, discrimination ‘because of sex’ inherently includes discrimination against employees because of a change in their sex,” Judge Karen Nelson Moore, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton, wrote in the opinion handed down by that court.

Moore said that it’s the same thing as religious discrimination– and just as people can change their religion, they can change their sex. So, Catholic man this year, Methodist woman next?

It just doesn’t add up. And it never will.

Why? Because there are some things in Nature that are not negotiable. If you believe in Creationism (the fact that God created everything) you know the Bible says God made a MAN and a WOMAN and nothing in between or an offshoot thereof. Christ said which of you by taking thought can change the color of your hair, or make yourself taller? You can dye your hair and wear platform shoes, but you haven’t changed a thing about yourself physically, i.e. the actual physical attribute. Your hair grows out to be the same color it was, and when you take the shoes off you’re still the same height.

Science – biology – wins out every time in gender. You can re-write the law and the medical books and the psychology books, but it really doesn’t change anything, but re-enforces a misguided perception of humanity that is being promoted in our society and in our education system.

The Seattle school system has given us a perfect example of this: An advisory committee wants to warn students in Seattle Public Schools that they have been victims of a racist system that has used math as a tool of oppression, reports Jason Rantz, an afternoon host on KTTH radio in Seattle.

So, 2+2=5? That’s not oppression, that’s a lie.

“Math Ethnic Studies Framework” produced by an Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee under the Seattle Public Schools superintendent is a new proposal for teaching math.

The proposal laments that “Western” math has been viewed as the only “legitimate expression” of math identity. It’s been used to “disenfranchise people and communities of color” and, consequently, it “erases the historical contributions of people and communities of color.”

The Seattle superintendent’s office says the document is not finalized yet, but is in reviewing stages. Currently it poses questions like “Who is smart?” “Who is not smart?” “Who gets to say if an answer is right?” “How important is it to be right? What is right? Says who?”

“Reflection and Action” is defined as “Student action, as defined by ethnic studies, is fostering a sense of advocacy, empowerment, and action that creates internal motivation to engage in and contribute to their identities as mathematicians.”

I suspect people like Vivien Thomas and George W. Carver are doing somersaults in their graves. These were black men were scientists, pioneers in their fields of medicine and agricultural science, and no doubt would be appalled that math was called an “oppressive” discipline.

What about Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson?  The “hidden ladies” behind Astronauts Armstrong, Shephard, and Glenn’s successful trips into space literally helped break down racial barriers that existed in the early 60s. They were mathematicians.

For anyone to say that mathematics is racist, oppressive, or subjective in any way is wrong.

2+2=4 will always be true regardless of race, gender, age, “sexual orientation,” “gender dysphoria,” height, weight, education, or what you had for dinner last night.

Otherwise, it just doesn’t add up.