Gossip Columns and Tabloids

First they said the “whistleblower” that had “information” about President Trumps phone conversation with the president of Ukraine was not actually present during the call, but rather he was told by another person what transpired in the call.

So, President Trump declassified the transcript– which is never verbatim — so the whole world could see what was talked about.

Rep. Adam Schiff wouldn’t believe what was written in that transcript, so he made one up.  He admitted it was made up.  About two weeks later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared it was true, that it was not made up.  They expect the American people to believe them, even though they contradict each other!

Now yet another “whistleblower” has come forward, but this time they conveniently DO have “first-hand knowledge” of that phone conversation, and so again the Democrats are chomping at the bit of the impeachment bridle, while at the same time refusing to fully cooperate in any way shape or form to produce concrete evidence of these allegations.

The simple fact is, they cannot.

Their behavior is like little kids denying they ate the candy but they have chocolate all over their faces.  Anyone with any sense has got to be wary of number two whistle-blower who suddenly appears with a first-person testimony against the President.

The fly in the ointment is the transcript — the OFFICIAL transcript of the call — has already been released.  There is no condemning evident whatsoever found therein.  Yet the Democrats are so full of deranged hate for President Trump they don’t care if they are caught in one lie, they will try it again and again.  (They tried the same thing with Judge Kavanaugh– first one accuser, then another, then another, none of whom had reliable knowledge.)

The Mainstream Media is fully complicit in these exercises of fabrication and lies, and are also willing to do whatever it takes to remove Trump from office, and if that includes “scooping” a lie, they’ll do it.  They believe they are above the law, even above regards for national security.  They all crow about “freedom of speech” but that’s only if the speech is what THEY want to say or hear.  The hypocrisy is astounding.

The only thing that’s going to change the liberal Media’s behavior is if we all start targeting the sponsors of the news casts and tell them we are no longer going to spend our money on their products if they continue to support the liberal media.

We need to start making lists of companies and products, looking up phone numbers and email addresses, and actually tell them that.  You can call a local car dealer and ask them for their district representative’s number, and while you’re at it voice your complaint and your intentions.  Word will get to where it needs to be, especially if enough of us do it.

We can, and should, do that with every product that is advertised during a national news cast or news program.

I heard one economist say if a company sees a 3% drop in their bottom line, they’ll start paying attention and find out what is happening and why.

Money talks, but the absence of money shouts.

The liberal news media does not police itself, journalism is no longer about facts, and anchors and reporters spin reports with hyperbole mixed with personal and politically correct opinion and wishful speculation into their “news” reporting.

They are all gossip columns and tabloids.