From Whence Comes Our Freedom?

Not surprisingly, Speaker Pelosi is now defending Rep Adam Schiff’s parody transcript — which he himself said was made up — as the truth about what was said on the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Pelosi said “It’s sad that he’s (Schiff) using the president’s own words. He didn’t make it up.”

The frantic antics of the Democrats are becoming even more extreme, and apparently they will stop at nothing to remove Trump from office.

And that leads me to ask just what will they do, how far will they go, how great is the Evil that is manifested in the ranks of the House of Representatives as well as other government agencies?

If you ever doubted the validity of Trump Derangement Syndrome, you need only to watch the national news.

If you’ve never seen the workings of a coup, you’re witnessing one right now, even though there hasn’t been a shot fired (yet).

Creating chaos (illegal immigration) and manufacturing false crises (climate change, for one) and using the media to disseminate fake news, lies, and propaganda to stir up those parts of the populace that are more easily influenced and believe what they see on TV, is the standard operating procedure of Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

We are seeing Socialism in action in America, and we’ve been seeing it for a long time, but now it’s no longer working behind the scenes, it is out in the open because those who advocate for it are no longer afraid.  They know America has lost it’s moral compass, and two generations (at least) have been raised up ignorant of the calamity that faces them.  They truly are sheep being led to slaughter, and they’re following the wrong shepherd.

I am hopeful but not confident of the 2020 election.  President Trump has gone a long way toward returning America to the right path, and that is why he is hated so much by so many who no longer believe in God and Country.  The family is the foundational unit – the core institution – of society in America, or was once.  It has been under attack constantly since 1973 when the free-reign slaughter of unborn babies began.  American citizens sacrificed at the alter of Self and Greed before they had a voice to object or plead for their life.

I have said before our salvation does not come from Washington, D.C. or anywhere else on this earth.  While I was thinking of everything that’s going on, I thought of the account in Genesis 18 where Abraham pleaded with the Lord not to destroy Sodom.  Abraham really knew God to be able to do so; to be able to ask repeatedly “what if?”

How long will God abide with the sins of America?

Perhaps a better question is “Why Should He?”

I believe that we who have a dual-citizenship in Heaven and Earth are obligated to plead with God just as Abraham did, and then to speak out against evil wherever we see it on this earth.  Christians have too long been silent; we owe it to our children and grandchildren to speak Truth, and in doing so spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is the Truth that sets us Free.

Our salvation, and thus our Freedom, comes only from Him, and people need to know it.