Freedom with Danger

The COVID-19 virus is suddenly becoming less of a worry to many people. Those people are becoming more worried about the Constitutional abuses of power showing up all over the country. Church goers being fined $500 for attending a drive-in service. A judge in Michigan decreeing that anyone can be arrested and jailed for suspected … Continue reading Freedom with Danger


There is a lot of reporting about churches being closed in different parts of the country, and at least one pastor in Florida being arrested for "endangering other people" (meaning his congregation) and disobeying social distancing laws and shut-down orders made by the governor. People (at least older people) remember the accounts coming out of … Continue reading Comparisons

Love Who??

A six-year-old returned home from church with his family, and his mother asked “What did you learn in Sunday School today?” Immediately came the reply with some amazement “Mom, we're supposed to love our emenies!!” Mom (wisely overlooking the mispronunciation at this learning moment) said “Yes, that's what it says in the Bible.” “But MOM! … Continue reading Love Who??