Another Swamp Rat Uncovered

A staffer working for several Democrat congress members has been charged by Capital Police with “making public restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary and unlawful entry,” according to Fox News. Using a House of Representatives computer, Jackson Cosko, 27, released personal information … Continue reading Another Swamp Rat Uncovered

Standard Operating Procedure

It's a sign of the times:  If someone disagrees with you, and you can't resolve differences with reasonable dialogue, the next step is to attack them, intimidate them, destroy their property, and if necessary, physically assault them. Violence, intimidation, character assassination, and chaos is now the Standard Operating Procedure of the Left and they will … Continue reading Standard Operating Procedure

The True Sound of a Democratic Republic

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said the turmoil created by protesters at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was “the sound of Democracy...” He couldn't be more wrong. Today if anyone tells you what you are doing is illegal, wrong, and unethical, the response is riot, chaos, and civil disobedience to the extreme. It is a complete disregard … Continue reading The True Sound of a Democratic Republic