The True Sound of a Democratic Republic

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said the turmoil created by protesters at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was “the sound of Democracy…”

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Today if anyone tells you what you are doing is illegal, wrong, and unethical, the response is riot, chaos, and civil disobedience to the extreme. It is a complete disregard for law and order, and ignores any moral code of decency and responsibility.

Violence and intimidation are tools of those who want total control. When they find they are unable to win an argument—or a vote—they resort to methods unsuited to a civilized society, creating unrest and chaos at every opportunity. They do not seek redemption of any policy but rather seek complete overthrow of any thing or anyone that does not agree with them.

When pockets of mob rule exist, freedom loses, and the law of the land starts to become meaningless. This is a crucial step in Marxist tactics: Keep the people stirred up and fighting among themselves, and they fail to realize what is happening right in front of their eyes. While people believe they are fighting for a “cause” (think Antifa or the “Occupy” movement) they are being misled and used to establish control.

Freedom demands responsibility built on allegiance, virtue, and honor. Unless these things are re-established in American Society today, this country will soon fall.

The true sound of Democracy includes the passionate orations in the halls of Congress where our elected officials stand for what is important to the People.  It includes the sounds of the machinery of progress driven by the idea that what can be dreamed can be done because we live in a free country where hard work is rewarded with success.  Most importantly It includes the prayers of people who believe this country was founded on the Holy Scripture and Divine Intervention that comes only from God, and true Freedom is found in Him.

The sound of Democracy is not chaos; it is the Cacophony of Freedom.

One thought on “The True Sound of a Democratic Republic

  1. Very true. I hope the great majority of American people, no matter what party they call themselves, see through the despicable actions of the far left liberal democrats.


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