Who’s Your Hero?

Rep. Ilhan Omar says her idol is Angela Davis, political activist and communist.

In 1970, Angela Davis supplied firearms to personal security guards who used them in the armed takeover of a Marin County, California, courtroom, in which four people were killed. She was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the death of Judge Harold Haley. Four days after a warrant was issued for her arrest, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover listed Davis on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List. FBI agents found her at a motel in New York City. She was prosecuted for three capital felonies but was acquitted of the charges.

During George Lester Jackson’s trial (Lester was one of the three “Soledad Brothers” held in Soledad Prison) in August 1970, an escape attempt was made and several people in the courtroom were killed. Davis was brought up on several charges, including murder, for her alleged part in the event. There were two main pieces of evidence used at trial: the guns used were registered to her, and she was reportedly in love with Jackson. After spending roughly 18 months in jail, Davis was acquitted in June 1972.

Davis is a co-founder of Critical Resistance, an organization that aims to end the prison industrial complex (whatever that means), and has always been and identified as a communist.

Omar was moved to tears by a rally of “black women supporting Omar” (something like that) at Capitol Hill April 30th.  Omar said to that group, “… I have never really thought that anyone deserves my tears or any of my sisters’ tears” but she was “a little emotional” by their support and at one point did cry.

Paul Kengor, a noted historian on communism, a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University, political science professor and executive director of the Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College, believes Omar may in fact be a communist.

Kengor said a “red flag,” is Omar’s “virtually unpublicized remarks” about Davis, calling Davis not only “enormously inspiring” but an “idol.”

“Alas, if liberals are certain that such concerns expressed here are nothing but hot air, then they have nothing to fear. Omar can calmly explain why the ideas of Marx and Engels and Lenin and Brezhnev and Honecker and Angela Davis’s mentor, Herbert Marcuse, are toxic and destructive,” Kengor said.

“Should be easy, eh? A softball to hit right out of the park. That would be reassuring for voters in Minnesota and for all of us,” wrote Kengor.


I’m not sure I can ever believe what Omar, Tlaib, or Ocasio-Cortez say, along with several other Democrats who align themselves with socialism, Islamism, communism, pro-abortion, etc.  If you listen, really listen, you hear the rantings of unstable minds devoid of the slightest bit of common sense or compassion for their own citizens–meaning AMERICANS– and certainly devoid of the beliefs and concepts of Judeo-Christian teachings, on which our country was founded.

There is a cancer growing in America, and it’s flourishing in the Halls of Congress.  What has been happening for years — a take-over of the public education system in America — is now bearing fruit.

In fact, we were led to believe it was a “dumbing down” of growing generations by decreased instruction of basic skills in school.  While that may have been true to some extent, the real damage was done in our high schools, universities, and colleges where subtle assaults on the institution of family, teaching of morals, removing Christian influence, and integrating education with indoctrination became the primary goal.  Now our middle school and high school children are going into college disillusioned, primed to believe the worst about America.  Even the history books are being re-written to show America as invading and oppressing other countries in the world.

Our children are not dumber; they’re misguided.

Lincoln warned us a long time ago, the philosophy taught in the classroom today will be in the government tomorrow.

Who do you consider a hero, and why?  Who do your kids and grandkids consider a hero, and why? A sports figure? A singer?  A politician?  A teacher?  A preacher?  A youth leader?