Jeanne Cavelier, head of Reporters without Borders, reporting for Euronews, says there has been a mass exodus of journalists out of Russia due to extreme censorship and a high risk of arrest for reporting on the war in Ukraine.  She also said the invasion was preceded by a propaganda war (“invasion to remove the Nazi government from Ukraine”).

The vast majority of independent news agencies have been blocked or shut down in Russia.  The journalists face ‘military censorship’ and will face up to 50 years imprisonment for spreading “false information.”  Any thing that is contrary to the propaganda launched about the war in Ukraine is considered false information.

Today, mrctv.org reports the “Ministry of Truth” as the Disinformation Governance Board has been appropriately nicknamed, is on hold, and the selected head of that board Nina Jankowicz has already drafted her letter of resignation.

The Washington Post reported “On Monday, DHS decided to shut down the board, according to multiple people with knowledge of the situation. By Tuesday morning, Jankowicz had drafted a resignation letter in response to the board’s dissolution.”  (UPDATE: As of 12:01 5/18/22 Jankowicz has resigned from the DHS.)

Jankowicz has a history of promoting misinformation, strongly pushing the “Russian Collusion” and claiming the Hunter Biden Laptop reports are “Russian misinformation” neither of which is true.

20 states attorneys sent a letter to the Biden Administration promising to bring a law suit to stop the DGB, which according to Gardner Goldsmith of mrctv says has no constitutional authority, and for that fact, neither does the Department of Homeland Security:

But, as [Goldsmith] pointed out last week for MRCTV, and as Judge Andrew Napolitano powerfully observed, the character and error-fraught behavior of Ms. Ministry of Truth are not the key points, and neither is the claim by the AGs that this Ministry has “no statutory authority.”

The point is that the Department of Homeland security obtains NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY – PERIOD.


The powers granted to the federal government are few and clearly delineated, and to claim that the populace must abide by unconstitutional activities or “statutes” until they are “struck down” by politically appointed judges makes a mockery of both the Founders and our own God-given moral primacy.

Of course, the Constitution is not binding on anyone but those who swear oaths to uphold it – those being the people in DC, those AGs who don’t care to be part of this move, and those who suddenly are all so outspoken about this new arm of the Leviathan.

As long as government has been making laws, it doesn’t take a statesman to know that morality cannot be legislated by any governing body.  Yes, laws made that are intended to stop murder, theft, assault, etc., are “moral” laws enacted to make society safer, but those things still exist, they still happen, because morality exists only in the hearts of human beings, and unless acted upon by God, the Ultimate and Only Moral Authority, no law is going to change them.