Blind Leading the Blind

(From a report by Kyle Hooten, a sophomore at St. Olaf, who reports for The College Fix. We can only hope that more young men and women who are cognizant of what is really going on with our colleges and universities continue to have the courage to speak out and expose the liberal influence and takeover of our education system.)

It’s called the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion and it’s on the campus of St. Olaf College, an Evangelical Lutheran private school in Northfield, Minn., that encourages it students to “live out a life of faith.”

According to the newly appointed director Maria Pabon, the Taylor Center is “designed for foreign students, people of color and the “LGBTQ+” community. Our goal is to create spaces, physical and environmental, that support, respect, honor, and celebrate the multiplicity of our students’ identities.”

There’s just one small problem: White American students are not allowed.  So much for respect, honor, and  “multiplicity.”

The college administration says that is not true, even though a large portion of white students claim otherwise. When straight white students were asked if they allowed they replied with a resounding “NO!” It may be an unspoken policy, but it’s there.

“The Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion works in fostering a welcoming community for international and multicultural and LGBTQ+ students in St. Olaf College,” Norma Charlton, a program coordinator in the Taylor Center.

One student, who requested anonymity, suggested that the center might be more exclusive than its champions were letting on.

“There exists an unspoken implication that these spaces built for diversity and inclusion actually exclude those individuals who don’t belong to a ‘diverse’ identity,” the student said.

“Colleges and students try to remedy historical inequality by improperly blaming members of groups that were once oppressive. This ends up holding individuals accountable for crimes they never committed. To many, identity has become more important than the individual.”

One result of this unbalanced “historical accountability” is that conservative students on university and college campuses today have learned to keep their conservative views private in fear of being ostracized and graded poorly by liberal professors.

The “need” for to produce space at St. Olaf for “marginalized social identities” was formed from an incident in 2017 that was a hoax. A black female student put a racist note on her own car and reported it as a “hate crime.” She later admitted it was fake.

Hoax or not, after a one million dollar donation from St. Olaf Regent Glenn Taylor and his wife, the Taylor Center is now open, and takes up a big chunk of the schools main building Buntrock Commons. It’s right next to the Student Government offices.

The Taylors hope “that the services provided by this gift support the full welcome, inclusion, and success of all students. St. Olaf College is making great strides toward becoming more equitable and inclusive. We’re at the beginning of a new stage — this is just to get it started.”

We don’t need “safe spaces” or centers for “marginalized social identities” or classes for snowflakes who are STILL “emotionally unstable” because of the 2016 election. But these things are appearing and have been appearing nation-wide since that election, and it’s being driven, hyped, exacerbated, and proclaimed by the liberal media and liberal professors and administrators.

They have accepted the lie of ideas like “white privilege” and “social justice” and are unaware of their own misconceptions, and are unable to even consider anything opposing their views.

They have become the blind leading the blind.