The Climate Change Strike(out)

It’s a continuing “big” news story– the earth is warming up. But they no longer use “global warming” to describe it. There are two many questions that pop up at different times that seem to contradict the fear to which the left-environmentalists insist the world succumb.

For instance, the first week of September in the Hinlopen Strait, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, The Sweden-flagged MS Malmo became stuck Sept. 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, according to the Maritime Bulletin.

What makes this report really interesting is aboard the Malmo were 16 “climate change warriors” with camera crew touring the Arctic to document “melting Arctic ice.” They all had to be evacuated by helicopter.  (They probably didn’t film that.)

The author of the story, Erofey Schkvarkin, noted: “Something is very wrong with Arctic ice, instead of melting as ordered by UN/IPCC, it captured the ship with Climate Change Warriors.”

Then in July this year, The Norwegian research vessel and icebreaker Kronprins Haakon (Crown Prince Haakon) was forced to turn back north of Svalbard after meeting “considerably thicker ice than expected.”

“Thick one-year ice combined with large batches of multi-year ice have merged to form powerful helmets, and several of these are impenetrable to us,” said Captain Johnny Peder Hansen.

The ice is still 3m (10ft) thick, in mid-July! Even the researchers’ long special-purpose chainsaws proved hopeless, while the 20,000 horsepower Kronprins Haakon, at a cost of USD $175 million, failed miserably at attempts to push through.

Klassekampen, a left-leaning Norwegian news paper said polar bears had been sighted “on Bjørnøya this past winter –located in the middle of the Barents Sea– which shows that the ice edge was very far south.”

Doesn’t sound like serious global warming!

In 2014, a Russian ship chartered by a group of climate warriors become stuck in the ice in Antarctic waters after they determined it was safe – and possible – to explore and again to document ice melt (the Spirit of Mawson voyage, as the organizers dubbed their chartered Russian ship the MV Akademik Shokalskiy) That ship was not an ice-breaker, but the Chinese ice-breaker that rescued them also became stuck in the ice!

That was FIVE years ago. So obviously in the last 5 years, ice melt has not happened as much or not at all. Yet we’re hearing continued warnings that “climate change” is about to doom the planet in the next decade.

Up to now the difficulty of measuring “global warming” has led to extreme ideas about it. Add to that the research and statistics used by the climate change zealots has been found to have been seriously tampered with, skewed to support their “findings.”

NOAA has a new improved system for measuring surface temperature across the lower 48 states, and in the last 14 years has found no warming trend.

James Taylor, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environmental Policy at the Heartland Institute, writes at Real Clear Energy that there’s “also good reason to believe U.S. temperatures have not warmed at all since the 1930s. Raw temperature readings at the preexisting stations indicate temperatures are the same now as 80 years ago,” he writes. He also said much of the assertions made by global warming activists are the result of “controversial adjustments” to raw data.

So who among us believe the reports of “catastrophic climate change” (which by the way is the same as global warming) that is going to melt the icecaps and cover a whole lot of land in the U.S. and the rest of the world?

Apparently not former President Obama and First Lady Michelle: They have purchased a $14.8 million dollar property on Martha’s Vineyard – which is one of the areas that will be covered by the global ice melt!

Did they get a good deal because the property values have plunged in face of the catastrophic forecast of being under water?  No. Property values have not lowered. As Dinesh D’ Souza told Laura Ingraham on Fox news “So the buyers know it’s not true, the sellers know it’s not true, the real estate agents know it’s not true — nobody believes a word of it. So this climate change stuff has become a never-never land of rhetoric…and Obama knows it’s nonsense.”

But the good people of the New York City Council and apparently the school system believe its okay to give a million K – 12 grade kids the day off Friday to participate in the “Climate Change Strike.” A 16-year-old Swedish activist named Greta Thunberg has become the new poster child of the climate change movement, and supposedly she is going to show up in NYC to lead the march or protest or whatever it’s being called.

The school district was under pressure to come up with a solution for the rally on Friday after Thunberg inspired large numbers of students to join her in protests at the U.N in August.

Brittany Huges of MRCTV sums it up pretty well:

“Wait – let me get this straight. The school district, which is supposedly run by grown adults, was “under pressure” from a 16-year-old Swedish girl with a social media microphone?


But apparently, the folks in NYC aren’t the only ones who’ve lost what little remains of their common sense. Officials in L.A., Miami, Minneapolis, Seattle, Boston and D.C. are planning their own strikes, in which youth are being encouraged to attend. The movement’s also spread to Sydney, London, Tokyo, Moscow, and São Paulo.”

Teachers and students from Beacon High School in Manhattan were planning to strike, regardless of whether the city gave approval or not.

As this blog has pointed out before, one thing students in American Public Schools can depend on learning is how to become an activist. They can’t spell ‘anxiety’, but they can text and tweet and protest and follow the Pied Piper of Social Justice.

As Hughes said, “Mobs of millions of children trouncing around the streets of the world’s biggest, busiest and most crime-ridden cities in the name of emotionally-charged “social justice.”

“What could possibly go wrong?”